I'll shift to a Wordpress blog...

...only if two-thirds of the following conditions are met. Alam kong maraming lumilipat and nang-iiwan, but I can't leave this blog just because of a better interface/blogging service.
  1. I get a PageRank of 4 or more.
  2. 9999 hits.
  3. 500 comments in total - tags are not comments.
  4. Blogger starts charging or shutting down.
  5. I learn CSS and Java. (para makagawa ako ng maayos na layout and stuff)
  6. I get paid to blog on Wordpress. [Hah. Yeah right.]
  7. A Wordpress YM widget.
  8. LJ deletes my blog for inappropriate content. [Ito na magiging hyper hidden emo blog ko kung ganun.]
  9. Feel ko.

Masaya kaya mag-blog sa Blogger. Gago lang ang IE at hindi marunong mag-block ng mga pop-up.


I just kinda noticed...

I've lost everyone's respect and gained nothing for it.


The difference between our blogs and theirs

By ours I mean teenagers - those too old to cry and run to parents when the mean old kid from next door swats you in the face with a slipper, but too young to legally go bar hopping, get drunk, and get thrown out bodily onto the pavement by the bouncer when you trip and fall headfirst into someone's nether regions.

By theirs I mean adults. Twenty-somethingers to thirty-somethingers, eg.
Sir Martin. People who profit just being online. People who are old enough to drink or drive but almost always responsible enough not to do both at the same time. The members of society actually recognized as members of society.

The difference between our blogs and theirs are that our blogs are emo blogs. Don't take it badly. By emo I mean emotion. (Oh, and there's nothing wrong with being "emo" emo. I'm "emo" emo, and if you have a problem with it go f-ck yourself. >:E XD) We tend to write about what we went through over a certain time or during a certain event, and how these experiences made us feel and are making us feel. Try clicking one of the links to the left, and clicking on their links, and more likely than not you'll find someone describing that horrible exam or gimik with friends, or telling his/her readers about a new crush or a hated classmate.

Their blogs, on the other hand, have substance and opinion. They rant, rave, and write more about society and politics and the economy and the government and movies and artists from the 80s and people and information and other stuff most of our generation could care less about. They actually get trolled and flamed and commented and nominated into official blog listings - because what they write get people talking. And not in the chika sense.

[Although sometimes these types of blogs generate horrible posts that serve to irritate the people. And not all adults who blog are mature - some blogs seem to be online versions of septic tanks.]

Of course, that doesn't mean that we don't write well. From time to time, we come up with a really great post that serves to amaze others, and even ourselves. We occasionally inspire controversy, debate, and discussion between people who stumble upon our blogs. This is our growth as bloggers, as people who express themelves as themselves online. Those among us, the techno-savvy youth of today, who have blogs and continue to pour out into them, may one day become true bloggers. True bloggers whose opinions, posts and comments matter and contribute to the mind, and affect the feelings of the readers. Bloggers and writers whose keyboards are mightier than swords.


If you look really closely, you can actually see me smiling

Happy day today. :D

omg, Gian said he was happy!

Yeah, whatever. So anyway, naging masaya lang ako around mga SocSci time. Why?
Nanalo kasi kami sa Quiz Bee - Me, Jerome and si Mae. Mwahahah.
Katawa nga eh, I wasn't tallying our score habang sumasagot kami; I was expecting na we'd end up 5th or 6th out of 11 groups ata. Grabe, ang galing ni Jerome and ni Mae. Galing ko rin tsumamba ng sagot XD Tapos si Je was tallying pala. Sabi niya we were around second or third. I dismissed it, and we were kinda disappointed when other groups whom we thought better than us were announced 3rd and 2nd. Tapos first pala kami!! Hahah. Israel pwns you all.

Nakatama din ako ng bola! :D I raced a base. Yay. :P

Then biglang nalaman namin na yung project namin sa Art, nasira ng 1st years! Oh noes. Accidente daw. May girl from Diamond '10 na nadapa and fell on it. Poor her. :[ They were nice enough to actually go to Sir Cipriano and ask for an extension for us. Wow. At least mabait sila. And accident naman. And naayos naman namin kahit papaano.

And then!

Because of us pala, deadlines for all the projects were extended. :O Hahah. So sa lahat ng Sci, thank us. :P


May bago akong phone! Nokia 2230. Zomg. Ipapagmalaki ko bukas. >3

Day 2


wow, araw

Woke up late and like crap. Dammit.

Got pissed at most of the English speeches. I was sick and bitchy. But then! Geom came.

I love polygons! :D Nakakuha kami ng 2200 points in Geometry Jeopardy! because of polygons. \^^/ The ultimate mood raiser. So, ayun, sumaya ako. :P

Katawa. Nung lunch parang buong caf nag-aalala kung abstinence-conforming ba yung pagkain sa caf. :P Buti binaunan ako ng fishda. Pero ginutom ako until Physics, kung saan nilipasan na 'ko. Onga pala, Galileo's Falling Buddies! :D Wala lang.

Nakapag-mass ako! And masaya ako because of it. As in sobrang ubod ng napakasaya.

Binigyan ako ni Quintin ng giant Toblerone. :D Wala lang. Cute yung box. And masarap ang chocolate. :3

'Di pa namin tapos Art. T.T Gagawa pa 'ko speech. Pero okeikei lang. Then mag-aaral pa 'ko for the SS Quiz Bee. Yehey. T.T

...belly dancing in a circle. XD
Day 1


imma powet!

I'd forgotten na I researched in December on different poetry forms for the English bonus. And here I tried one of them. The one right here is called a "pantoum." Click here for the webpage on which I took the form from. The pantoum consists of a lot of repetitions and stuff, kaya naaliw ako. Here's my pantoum on pantoums. :D I colored the lines to show you the repetition.


Untypical creation
Written under norms
Some verbal fornication
Convoluted forms

Written under norms
The rules of each quatrain
Convoluted forms
To which the words contain

The rules of each quatrain
Atypical constrictions
To which the words contain
Redundant repetition

Atypical constrictions
The "pantoum" of non-prose
Redundant repetition
And nearing to the close

The "pantoum" of non-prose
Some verbal fornication
And nearing to the close
Untypical creation

Ayun. So naaliw ako. And then! I discovered na may sarili na palang poetry form ang Pinoy. It's called the "Hay(na)ku." Yeah, a play on the Japanese Haiku. XD Click
here for the webpage. Right here's my poem. It's kewl. And it explains a lot of Pinoy poems that I've read over the years in lit anthologies.

Three lines.
And six words.

Yes, I basically defined it. XD And that's all to it. A stanza of three lines and six words - one word in the first line, two words in the second, and three in the third - no syllable or rhyme constraints. Astig. :D

Feel ko maging mababaw

Feeling ko pinansin ako ng medyo medyo today. :D Pero hindi ko pa rin matamaan yung bola sa softball. >:E Kainis.

Ano kaya personality ko?
a. something
b. something in between
c. something else
B na lang. Hindi sigurado eh. :P

Napa-cram kami ng ValEd. Tapos kalahati lang. 1 out of 2 videos lang. Yuck. Pag nasa laptop pa ni Kate, pa-upload ko siya. :3 Oh yeah. Yay Kate.

Ang pangit ng gabi ko. Walang kumakausap sa 'kin. :( At least for now. Someone make my night. Hah. Ang feeling ko. Parang may nagbabasa pa dito. Tapos siya. Ayaw niya 'kong kausapin. Kinakausap na nga, ayaw pa 'ko sagutin ng matino. Haay. Sana mabasa niya 'to. Kahit hindi niya kilala na siya 'to. -.-;

And yay, si someone else nga pala, kinakausap na 'ko. Hahah. Wala lang. Even if minsan hindi niya ako pinapansin. At least, diba.

Hindi ako nakapag-confession. Shit. Patay ako. Bahala. ._.

Abstinence dapat ngayong gabi. >.<



I won.

Pero may magagawa kaya ako this time? :/

Sana naman bigyan na ko ng pag-asa ng tao.

Worth whatever

blog is worth $15,807.12.
How much is your blog worth?

Got it from Sir Joey. Kinda disappointing. :(


Politics and pseudo-friends

I honestly don't know whether I want to win this year. Because somehow I'm not able to make much of a difference anyway. I apply as a candidate in the batch and school elections because I want to be able to do something, and not just sit around and complain when something goes wrong. I always want to be one of those people who try to make sure that the world runs smoothly for everyone else.

But this past year, I feel like I've been able to do nothing. Whenever work is tasked, I never receive my fair share; whenever something needs to be done, I am placed under the assumption that I won't be able to do it.

I've feel incompetent and useless and everything in between, and the only reason I'm running again is to prove to everyone, and even more to myself, that I'm not. I want to lead and serve; I want to become part of the fair few that tries to push for good changes.

And if this year will just be the same, might as well vote someone else. Hi Kayla. :]


They're not really my friends, are they? Those people who are nice to me anyway but wouldn't give a damn or not if I did something good for them. Them, who live life so happily and have forgotten about me almost totally...

Yeah, I'm bitter. Fucking deal with it. >:]


Join now.


Hallmark Holiday?

Ganun daw ang V-day. Waheheh.

Just a few thoughts:

- There is more than one St. Valentine. Therfore "Happy Valentines' Day" is more correct than Happy Valentine's Day." Even if we only celebrate the feast of one of these "Saint Valentines." And so Wiki I quoth...
"Saint Valentine refers to one or more martyred saints of ancient Rome. The feast of Saint Valentine was formerly celebrated on February 14 by the Roman Catholic Church until the revised calendar 1969.
His birth date and birthplace are unknown. Valentine's name does not occur in the earliest
list of Roman martyrs, that was compiled by the Chronographer of 354.
The feast of St. Valentine was first decreed in 496 by
Pope Gelasius I, who included Valentine among those "... whose names are justly reverenced among men, but whose acts are known only to God." As Gelasius implied, nothing is known about the lives of any of these martyrs."

- Valentines' Day is, therefore, technically a Christian holiday, one (like Christmas) exploited by greeting card companies, stuffed toy stores and flower shops.

- The heart shape that usually comes to one's mind looks almost nothing like the real heart. It looks more like the imprint of someone's ass.

- It is the hypothalamus, and not the heart, that controls the chemical functions that cause emotions. Now, try replacing the word "heart" with "hypothalamus" in all of the love songs you know. :D

- Red has a large wavelength and small frequency. XD Red is the supposed color of love. Red is also the color associated with anger. And a synonym of anger is "mad." Therefore love is madness. :D Joke lang.


Haberday DJ. :P


IE is crap; guitar strings

Nagbabago PageRank ko sa browser. I hate IE and miss Firefox.

Nagpalit ako ng strings ng guitar ko! Yehey. So the only reason na pwede ako pagalitan now ng guitar teacher ko is na I'm not in a proper position. But changing those strings were fucking frustrating hard. Grrarr. Galit na 'ko ngayon sa nylon strings. But now I kinda appreciate the sound of the pieces I play. I'm gonna get serious na rin. Or baka lang na-inspire ako dahil mukhang bago yung strings. :P

I have a computer of my own now! Well, not really. Para lang 'di ko gamitin yung sa dad ko. What, did you really think I had a computer of my own all this time? -_-; Unfortunately, super slow niya, its RAM and thinking processes are like a 1st grader trying to solve one of Ma'am Orate's more "exciting" problems. So I can't do anything but surf or YM. And somehow Firefox won't install. T_T. Stupid IE.


Paolo Santos is a RENTophile...

or he rips off from Broadway musicals. Either way, I love the way he sings "Seasons of Love" - I heard this around a year ago, and ngayon ko lang uli nakita while surfing on TristanCafe. Here it is. Right-click on the "CONTROLS" thing below and click "Play" to stop.

Or click here: Seasons of Love

"My ex-girlfriend's name is Love." XD

I wanna sing like this one day. But first I have to get to work on my guitar. I still suck.

Nowhere to go but down?

Just got my grades. Below is a table of my grades until the 3rd quarter.

Course[a.k.a.]1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter
Biology 1 (BIO1)Bio1.501.751.50
Chemistry 1 (CH1)Chem1.751.751.50
Physics 1 (PH1)P61.751.501.25
Mathematics 2 (M2)Geom1.751.501.50
Mathematics 3 (M3)Algeb1.751.501.75
Computer Science 2 (CS2)ComSci1.251.001.25
English 2 (E2)Eng1.251.001.00
Filipino 2 (F2)Pinoy1.501.251.00
Social Science 2 (SS2)SocSci1.251.251.50
PEHM 2 (PE2/H2/Mu2)PEHM1.251.001.25
Values Education 2 (VE2)ValEd1.251.501.25
Art 2/Drafting 2 (A2/DRF2)Art/CAD1.251.251.25
Environmental Science/Technology Skills 1 (ENV/TSK1)EnviSci/TechSkills1.251.251.00
Weighted Average (GWA)Average1.44641.37501.3214

I went up this quarter. But yes, I'm not satisfied. Far from it pa nga. It's good that I was able to work most of my subjects up, especially Bio, the 2-unit subject. But my dreams of getting a 1.0 in SS2, M2 or M3 are gone forever. Even if (by some amazing God-force) I get a 1.0 in these subjects, they'll only end up as 1.25s or 1.5s on the card. Sobrang frustrating that I can't get a 1.0 in these subjects. My only hopes now for 1.0s are subjects like PH1 and E2 or F2. I have to retain my 1.0s and ace my 1.25s para sa Fourth Quarter. I'm scared for both my higher marks (baka bumaba) and my lower marks (baka lalong bumaba). Baka di na 'ko makaabot sa dapat maabot - a 1.2-something GWA.

A lot of people are asking why I push myself to do these things and get these grades. Well, to put it simply, I want to prove. Prove to my family that I'm worth more than they think I am. Prove to myself that I can do something with my life. And prove to the world that I can be someone who is someone, not just some half-assed mediocre everyday guy.


For those waiting for Deathly Hollows...

...try this first. The first HP quiz I've seen that encompasses all 6 books so far.

Beat Ma'am Fil. Bwahah.


I rejoice! My PageRank is now a 3. :D Keep those links coming, people. XD


defunct-ness over

I've stopped being defunct because RC told me not to. And because people are tagging. Yay.

No post for now, just an advert.

Wanted: Arnold Arre's graphic novel "After Eden"

Willing to pay: P1000 max, or - kung kilala ko kayo - various services (:P example, homework niyo, or magiging utusan ako, etc. XD)

Conditions: dapat fairly good condition; complete pages and cover still in good condition. Owner must be willing to part ways. :P

Why: I miss my copy that I gave to someone. I miss the story. And I miss Arre's art.

ROCK on. :D