the easy way out?

PJ Tolentino: is it soooo vital to your future that you must study instead of looking for something fun to do?
moi: well yeah, i guess
moi: at least, that's how it looks like now

i guess?
what kind of an answer is that? :| i mean, he does kinda have a point.


Anonymous PJ, Lord&Master said...

No its noooooooot the easy way out!

I used to believe that yeah, it is the easy way out. But now, I think that "easy way out" is just a comment thrown out by people who're insecure about their fuuuuuuture! ^^

Have faith in the woooorld. ^^ enjoy life. ^^ it's short. You can't spend allllll of the time in it stuuuudying. ^^

Don't mind me. Just blog hoppping.^^

12/20/2007 10:53:00 AM  

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