IE is crap; guitar strings

Nagbabago PageRank ko sa browser. I hate IE and miss Firefox.

Nagpalit ako ng strings ng guitar ko! Yehey. So the only reason na pwede ako pagalitan now ng guitar teacher ko is na I'm not in a proper position. But changing those strings were fucking frustrating hard. Grrarr. Galit na 'ko ngayon sa nylon strings. But now I kinda appreciate the sound of the pieces I play. I'm gonna get serious na rin. Or baka lang na-inspire ako dahil mukhang bago yung strings. :P

I have a computer of my own now! Well, not really. Para lang 'di ko gamitin yung sa dad ko. What, did you really think I had a computer of my own all this time? -_-; Unfortunately, super slow niya, its RAM and thinking processes are like a 1st grader trying to solve one of Ma'am Orate's more "exciting" problems. So I can't do anything but surf or YM. And somehow Firefox won't install. T_T. Stupid IE.


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