The difference between our blogs and theirs

By ours I mean teenagers - those too old to cry and run to parents when the mean old kid from next door swats you in the face with a slipper, but too young to legally go bar hopping, get drunk, and get thrown out bodily onto the pavement by the bouncer when you trip and fall headfirst into someone's nether regions.

By theirs I mean adults. Twenty-somethingers to thirty-somethingers, eg.
Sir Martin. People who profit just being online. People who are old enough to drink or drive but almost always responsible enough not to do both at the same time. The members of society actually recognized as members of society.

The difference between our blogs and theirs are that our blogs are emo blogs. Don't take it badly. By emo I mean emotion. (Oh, and there's nothing wrong with being "emo" emo. I'm "emo" emo, and if you have a problem with it go f-ck yourself. >:E XD) We tend to write about what we went through over a certain time or during a certain event, and how these experiences made us feel and are making us feel. Try clicking one of the links to the left, and clicking on their links, and more likely than not you'll find someone describing that horrible exam or gimik with friends, or telling his/her readers about a new crush or a hated classmate.

Their blogs, on the other hand, have substance and opinion. They rant, rave, and write more about society and politics and the economy and the government and movies and artists from the 80s and people and information and other stuff most of our generation could care less about. They actually get trolled and flamed and commented and nominated into official blog listings - because what they write get people talking. And not in the chika sense.

[Although sometimes these types of blogs generate horrible posts that serve to irritate the people. And not all adults who blog are mature - some blogs seem to be online versions of septic tanks.]

Of course, that doesn't mean that we don't write well. From time to time, we come up with a really great post that serves to amaze others, and even ourselves. We occasionally inspire controversy, debate, and discussion between people who stumble upon our blogs. This is our growth as bloggers, as people who express themelves as themselves online. Those among us, the techno-savvy youth of today, who have blogs and continue to pour out into them, may one day become true bloggers. True bloggers whose opinions, posts and comments matter and contribute to the mind, and affect the feelings of the readers. Bloggers and writers whose keyboards are mightier than swords.


Anonymous Sir Martin said...

Excellent post!

Blogs are still extensions of who we are. At one point when I was younger and angrier, I had an emo blog too. Don't believe me? Browse through the early years of my Livejournal blog. Feel free to take a look even if I can't personally stand the site of it (pun intended) anymore.

Substance and opinion is something that comes along as you learn more and widen your perspective. Although if this entry of yours is any indication, you're on the way there. Just more focus I suppose and a conscious effort to write, write and write.

Budding writers are taught to "write for the trash bin". The only difference now is that we have our trash bins online. Eventually, you'll hit on something that shines so well that you won't have any choice rather than to be brilliant.

Good luck!

2/27/2007 06:55:00 PM  

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