Suffer more, sophomore.

I'm scared. Very scared. Tomorrow is the day I begin my life as a second year high school student. The day that I return to what I left just 2 months ago. School.

you: why are you scared?

Why am I scared?
No, 'tis not the teachers. The teachers at my school are fairly competent and actually able to encourage students to study.
It's not the students, either. Even with all the enemies, rivalries, backstabbing, backbiting, lying, and cheating...
It's not the curriculum... Although we have 14 units to fill, under which are 13 subjects with 14 books...
It's not even the school itself. My school is wonderful in many ways, even if it does look like it's about to collapse on itself.

No, I'm afraid to go back because I'm afraid to learn.

you: *blink blink* Wha??

I'm afraid to learn.

you: Didn't you say that the curriculum-

No, it's not that. I'm afraid of learning. Let me explain.
Last year was my first year at Pisay. Oh, yes, I was very precocious, arrogant, confident, stuff like that. I had a bubble of indifference around me, and I was blissfully ignorant to the realities of life.

Oh, how that changed.

I soon learned of the harsh truths and lies of life. I learned of backstabbing and false friends. I learned of dividing social cliques and power struggles. I learned of unacceptance and intolerance. I learned of depression and obssession. I learned of ignorance and hatred. I learned of desperation and conspiration. I learned of backbiting and whispering behind backs. I learned of biases and bigotry. I learned of sex and sex roles. I learned of lies to others and lies to one's self. I learned of sweet relationships and how they go sour. I learned of paranoia and protectiveness. I learned of failures and fates. I learned of fake love and mutual understandings. I learned of the Truth, that nothing is ever truly true.

Who says that we don't learn anything at school?


Notice of "Noticed?"

I mean the password thing. It's there for a purpose. Please don't hack it with sources or anything like that; that's really insulting and saddening. It changes from time to time, and the questions are extremely personal. Understand naman guys. Thanks.

Oh, and I think the prompt for the password doubles for IE because it has to reload its cache or something.


Oh man Omen no men

Wow. First time ako gumawa ng ganitong uri ng blog entry. Anyway...

The Omen. At least I think yun yung title nya.

synopsis taken from Yahoo! movies:
Robert Thorn is a senior American diplomat whose wife, Katherine, endures a difficult delivery where their newborn child has died. Thorn knows the news will devastate Katherine, who had suffered two previous miscarriages. The hospital priest presents Thorn with another child born that night, whose mother died in childbirth. The priest compels Thorn to take the infant boy as his own; Katherine will never know the truth, and their son, which they name Damien, will be raised as their flesh and blood. As the child turns five, unsettling events begin to occur: Damien's nanny hangs herself at the youngster's birthday party; a strange priest brings dire warnings to Thorn; a children's trip to the zoo results in a panicked frenzy; Damien becomes hysterical during a drive to church; and blurred movements in a series of photographs portend shocking deaths. Enter Mrs. Baylock, Damien's new nanny, who seems to have a preordained devotion to the child. Then tragedy strikes closer to home. But only later does Thorn comprehend the truth: Damien is no ordinary child; he is the long-prophesized Anti-Christ. Now, Thorn must make the ultimate sacrifice to prevent the unspeakable terror that awaits the world.

The movie is classified under Horror/Suspense and Remake (it being a remake of the 1976 original under a Richard Donner).

My points on the movie:
>> It didn't strike me as a horrifying movie; rather it struck me as a momentary thriller - something to watch when bored or when there's nothing else to watch. (Or in our case, when you're 10 mins. late for Take The Lead.) The movie, as a horror movie, was bad.

>> Half of the time I was going "Huh?" I didn't understand what certain scenes of the movie had to do with the plot. For example, I had no idea what the photographer's and the evil nanny's role was until halfway through the film.

>>I never really understood the part of the priest until Jio explained it to me. It seems he was working for the Devil, but backed out on the deal. At least that's how he understood it.

>>Damien was never scary. Just stupid-looking.

>>The only scary parts were the sudden images (subliminal messaging is effective) and the beheading of the photographer (*swing*).

>>The Grim just reminded me of Harry Pottter.

>>The Ambassador running over the evil nanny was cool. She flew into the air.

>>The explanations of the Bible passages reminded me of The Da Vinci code, more than anything else.

>>Seeing other people scared is cool.

>>Mukha nang six lahat ng swirlies ngayon.

>>Bubbles are dangerous.

Why'd I post this? Wala lang. Nag-gimik kasi kami, eto pa ang pinanood.