For The Sake Of Posting Such

Happy New Year, people.


Correcting my blog before the New Year's...a new start.

Post-Christmas Post

4. Leather wallet from my older bro and his girlfriend

Christmas Blues

3. The Pride and The Flame As The Music Plays The Band by Bamboo
wrong album name...thanks to my cousin for this one...

Breaking people's trust and hearts - like people did to mine. Did I spell ommission right?
ommission omission

thanks to Patti for pointing this out...I was in emotional shock then, sorry...

"*MyLoveLatterMailperson*", "*MyLoveLetterMailperson*",

since i'm really stupid, point out anything i missed after rereading my blog for the 11th time. (i shouldn't have posted the chat messages...


Post-Christmas Post

Nothing. I got nothing I wanted for Christmas...hayy...

Notable gifts:
  1. Laser pen from *d8
  2. Parker pen from U3fw
  3. Wallet from E3wq and I8e9
  4. Leather wallet from my older bro
  5. PS & GBA emulators from my other bro
  6. Watch from my tito and tita
  7. Hale album from my little sisters
  8. New shoes from my parents
  9. Spongebob slippers from my dad's co-worker
  10. Lots of chocloate from a whole lot of people...
  11. A nice talk with my cousin Pam...
  12. Christmas greets from all of ya...

Well, that's pretty much what I liked for Christmas...coming up - my birthdayyy!!! Jan 6, people...plan ko pizza party lang...or pwede rin mag-party sa Eastwood...hmmm...


For The Sake Of Posting Such

merry christmas, people.


Christmas Blues

I'm still not feeling this stupid holiday. All I'm feeling is a headache and a cold.

Material Wishlist: (the spell consumerism has cast on me)
  1. A full wardrobe of EVERYTHING from Bench...
  2. Palabas by Spongecola
  3. The Pride and the Flame by Bamboo
  4. an iPod Nano
  5. a CD Player (someone stole my other one)
  6. an Ericsson cellphone
  7. The Mythology Class by Arnold Arre
  8. After Eden by Arnold Arre
  9. Trip To Tagaytay by Arnold Arre
  10. a laptop

My Wishlist:

  1. na hindi na magalit ate ko for losing the player
  2. to know if ***** ***** is mad at me...if he is, know why...
  3. to talk, just once, with ** *******
  4. to know what i'm supposed to do with my life
  5. to stop doing what i do every night before i go to bed...
  6. for people to text me at least once a week...
  7. to know if **** ****** is really just a friend or someone i really love...
  8. to know if i can really be friends with **** *******
  9. to tell **** ******** that she's a fuckin' bitch, straight to her face
  10. to be able to live freely as a bi

I'm not really looking for love. I just want to live. That's all. Comment if you want to know the names behind the asterisks.


Breaking people's trust and hearts - like people did to mine. Did I spell ommission right?

Just read.

NAMES changed to protect feelings. Generic changes - "*nameommission_*", "*codename*_" w/ numbers, except for "*mineral*"s. Specific changes - "*BlackIce*", "*NewFriend*", "*MyLoveLatterMailperson*", "*thatotherdude*". Changes found between asterisks.

Smileys erased.

Sorry to the people inolved, but I had to do this.

New Friend.
*NewFriend* (9:09:06 PM): good evening, sir!
*BlackIce* (9:09:17 PM): ei...
*NewFriend* (9:09:29 PM): haaaaay. *nameommission1*. she's so hurtful
*NewFriend* (9:09:36 PM): she's a blackhearted biatch
*BlackIce* (9:09:44 PM): hmm...
*BlackIce* (9:09:48 PM): not really...
*BlackIce* (9:09:56 PM): she doesn't have a heart
*NewFriend* (9:09:57 PM):
*NewFriend* (9:09:59 PM): hu
*NewFriend* (9:10:00 PM): huh
*NewFriend* (9:10:06 PM): uhm, yeah you're right
*BlackIce* (9:10:09 PM): so she can't be a blackhearted bitch...
*NewFriend* (9:10:16 PM): so better say she's a biatch who has no heart
*NewFriend* (9:11:16 PM): she's also a piece of carp (read my blog to know what the other meaning of carp is if you don't know )
*NewFriend* (9:11:34 PM): she's a narc
*BlackIce* (9:11:38 PM): eh...i already know...
*BlackIce* (9:11:45 PM): narc?
*NewFriend* (9:11:48 PM): yeah
*NewFriend* (9:11:52 PM): nice at first...
*NewFriend* (9:12:00 PM): but your first imprerssion is totally wrong
*NewFriend* (9:12:04 PM): because she ain't nice at all
*NewFriend* (9:12:10 PM): she'll just leave you crying!
*BlackIce* (9:12:25 PM): mm...
*BlackIce* (9:12:36 PM): why'd u like her, nwei?
*NewFriend* (9:12:43 PM): coz i thought she was nice
*BlackIce* (9:13:29 PM): ergh.
*NewFriend* (9:13:43 PM): how'd you come to like her before?
*BlackIce* (9:14:10 PM): she was my girlfriend before...
*BlackIce* (9:14:14 PM): we broke up...
*BlackIce* (9:14:18 PM): we stayed friends
*BlackIce* (9:14:31 PM): and for some reason she hates me now
*NewFriend* (9:14:36 PM): yeah
*NewFriend* (9:14:49 PM): i'm aware it was the two of you before...
*NewFriend* (9:15:22 PM): Sorry if you're gonna be hurt here, but: IS IT TRUE THAT *beautifulmineralwithnodefinitechemicalstructure* IS IN WAR BECAUSE OF THE TWO OF YOU??? (that was a rumor, don't tell any other *beautifulmineralwithnodefinitechemicalstructure*oids of it)
*BlackIce* (9:15:45 PM): no...
*BlackIce* (9:15:48 PM): not because of us...
*BlackIce* (9:16:08 PM): *beautifulmineralwithnodefinitechemicalstructure* is a section of backstabbers, liars, and plastic people...
*NewFriend* (9:16:18 PM): gahd
*BlackIce* (9:16:23 PM): almost everyone hates each other...
*NewFriend* (9:16:30 PM): don't tell me my impression of *beautifulmineralwithnodefinitechemicalstructure* is wrong and *beautifulmineralwithnodefinitechemicalstructure* then is like *beautifulbluemineral*...
*NewFriend* (9:16:32 PM): or worse???
*NewFriend* (9:16:35 PM): sorry...
*BlackIce* (9:16:46 PM): no...
*BlackIce* (9:16:53 PM): *beautifulbluemineral* is in fact a fairly good section...
*NewFriend* (9:17:23 PM): well
*NewFriend* (9:17:32 PM): observations ko sa *beautifulbluemineral*, medyo watak
*NewFriend* (9:17:41 PM): officers (xcept vp) versus rest of class???
*NewFriend* (9:17:49 PM): at parang totoo yan
*NewFriend* (9:17:57 PM): then parang may sariling mga sects ang *beautifulbluemineral*
*BlackIce* (9:18:16 PM): hmm...
*BlackIce* (9:18:20 PM): kmi rin nman ah...
*NewFriend* (9:18:26 PM): di halata
*BlackIce* (9:18:34 PM): altho within those factions themselves may away p rin...
*NewFriend* (9:18:36 PM): but *beautifulbluemineral*'s is definitely worse kasi alam halos ng buong batch
*NewFriend* (9:18:55 PM): what can you say about *beautifulgreenmineral* then? plz be honest tnx
*NewFriend* (9:18:58 PM): prangkahan...
*NewFriend* (9:19:03 PM): UMA-han
*NewFriend* (9:19:04 PM): go uma!
*BlackIce* (9:19:18 PM): hehhe...
*BlackIce* (9:19:22 PM): i dnt know...
*BlackIce* (9:19:24 PM): honestly...
*BlackIce* (9:19:32 PM): theres a lot of things i dont know...
*NewFriend* (9:19:41 PM): wawawait...
*NewFriend* (9:19:43 PM): you're the batch rep
*NewFriend* (9:19:55 PM): you must be one of the most knowledgeable persons in the batch w/ regards to rumors!
*NewFriend* (9:19:57 PM): what
*BlackIce* (9:19:58 PM): in fact, d only reason im nt resigning frm my position is bcoz i want to b in the SA...
*NewFriend* (9:19:59 PM): is
*NewFriend* (9:20:00 PM): happening
*NewFriend* (9:20:04 PM): woah....
*NewFriend* (9:20:11 PM): well
*NewFriend* (9:20:19 PM): do you still plan to run for office next year???
*NewFriend* (9:20:23 PM): elections this january eh
*BlackIce* (9:20:29 PM): yup...
*BlackIce* (9:20:35 PM): 4 business manager...
*NewFriend* (9:20:38 PM): could i make a collaboration with you???
*BlackIce* (9:20:39 PM): i'll be in the SA...
*BlackIce* (9:20:44 PM): but out of the batch...
*BlackIce* (9:20:47 PM): we'll see...
*NewFriend* (9:21:04 PM): i think auditor lang ang pwede for 09 na SA for next s.y.
*NewFriend* (9:21:07 PM): let's make our roster
*NewFriend* (9:21:11 PM): !
*NewFriend* (9:21:14 PM): let's get *nameommission2* in. magaling siyang batch rep
*BlackIce* (9:21:44 PM): yeah...
*BlackIce* (9:21:50 PM): i totally agree...
*NewFriend* (9:21:54 PM): if ever tayong tatlo nina *nameommission2* ang magiging partymates, how'd we name the party, *nameommission1*'s Heartbroken Guys or MHG
*NewFriend* (9:21:55 PM): ???
*BlackIce* (9:22:01 PM): heheh...
*BlackIce* (9:22:05 PM):
*NewFriend* (9:22:08 PM): ooh, magiging partymates ang tatlong dating magkalaban
*NewFriend* (9:22:11 PM): hahaha
*BlackIce* (9:22:25 PM): oo nga no...
*BlackIce* (9:22:26 PM):
*BlackIce* (9:22:41 PM): ummm...
*BlackIce* (9:22:47 PM): may mga nririnig aq...
*BlackIce* (9:22:58 PM): about hate Friendster accounts??
*NewFriend* (9:23:01 PM): yeah
*NewFriend* (9:23:05 PM): may we hate *nameommission3* and we hate *nameommission4*
*NewFriend* (9:23:09 PM): wawawait...
*NewFriend* (9:23:16 PM): wanna run for audtior?
*BlackIce* (9:23:23 PM): i'll see.
*BlackIce* (9:23:35 PM): ppl are suspecting me daw...
*BlackIce* (9:23:43 PM): of running those accounts??
*NewFriend* (9:23:49 PM): uhm
*NewFriend* (9:23:50 PM): yeah
*NewFriend* (9:23:51 PM): but you're cleared
*NewFriend* (9:23:56 PM): i cleared u personally
*NewFriend* (9:24:00 PM): wlang we hate *nameommission4*
*NewFriend* (9:24:02 PM): we hate *nameommission5* pala
*NewFriend* (9:24:03 PM): sorry
*BlackIce* (9:24:27 PM): hm...
*BlackIce* (9:24:28 PM): ok...
*BlackIce* (9:24:35 PM): nvrmnd.
*NewFriend* (9:24:47 PM): magpapakapal ako ngayon ng mukha at tatakbo ulit
*NewFriend* (9:24:53 PM): i wanna run for secretary...
*NewFriend* (9:24:56 PM): batch
*NewFriend* (9:25:06 PM): or maybe auditor
*NewFriend* (9:25:15 PM): pero mukhang mas maganda ang VP... halos walang work
*BlackIce* (9:25:25 PM): no...
*BlackIce* (9:25:29 PM): that's jst *nameommission5*...
*NewFriend* (9:25:38 PM): saan mo ako ilalagay? saan kaya ako nababagay???
*BlackIce* (9:25:42 PM): hm...
*BlackIce* (9:25:47 PM): dn't really know...
*BlackIce* (9:25:52 PM): bahala k n lng..
*NewFriend* (9:26:01 PM): gonna go for secretary lang... pc work blah i'll love it
*NewFriend* (9:26:09 PM): how is the sec doing the job ba??? who's our sec again???
*NewFriend* (9:26:34 PM): want *thatotherdude* to run with us???
*BlackIce* (9:26:42 PM): sure...
*BlackIce* (9:26:44 PM): d sec is HER.
*NewFriend* (9:26:48 PM): oh
*NewFriend* (9:26:50 PM): oo nga pala...
*NewFriend* (9:26:53 PM): i w*nameommission8* replace her
*NewFriend* (9:27:00 PM): she might run for htat again
*NewFriend* (9:27:09 PM): and i'll challenge her! the love issue would be a banger!!!
*NewFriend* (9:27:16 PM): i could actually use that to my advantage heh
*BlackIce* (9:27:22 PM): yeah...
*BlackIce* (9:27:24 PM): well...
*BlackIce* (9:27:29 PM): all she wants is *nameommission6*...
*BlackIce* (9:27:34 PM): bcoz he's rich...
*BlackIce* (9:27:39 PM): nd powerful...
*NewFriend* (9:27:40 PM):
*NewFriend* (9:27:54 PM): so, you want to run with me???
*NewFriend* (9:27:55 PM): ?
*NewFriend* (9:27:57 PM): let's make a party?
*NewFriend* (9:28:42 PM): *thatotherdude* - no, pampahirap lang yan ng buhay...
*BlackIce* (9:29:20 PM): um...
*BlackIce* (9:29:27 PM): i'm nt sure if i'm even running...
*BlackIce* (9:29:31 PM): but let's see...
*BlackIce* (9:29:34 PM): if ever...
*BlackIce* (9:29:36 PM): cge...
*NewFriend* (9:29:51 PM): SA Asst. SecretarySA AuditorSA PROthose are the SA positions up for 09 grabs
*NewFriend* (9:29:58 PM): but i want to stay for the batch
*NewFriend* (9:30:22 PM): let's get *nameommission3* in the party. she's famous
*NewFriend* (9:30:39 PM): yay BB na
*BlackIce* (9:30:51 PM): BB?
*NewFriend* (9:31:00 PM): yeah
*NewFriend* (9:31:01 PM): big bro
*NewFriend* (9:31:39 PM): so. what's the plan
*NewFriend* (9:31:42 PM): wat pos are u taking?
*BlackIce* (9:31:48 PM): uh...
*BlackIce* (9:31:57 PM): basta SA position...
*BlackIce* (9:32:00 PM): prob PRO
*BlackIce* (9:32:03 PM): or Asst. Sec
*NewFriend* (9:32:08 PM): oh okay...
*NewFriend* (9:32:13 PM): bst aq sa batch
*NewFriend* (9:32:25 PM): oh well. c u tomorrow! gotta go bye
*NewFriend* (9:32:33 PM): OL ka tom ha
*NewFriend* (9:32:36 PM):
*BlackIce* (9:32:45 PM): i'll try...
*BlackIce* (9:32:47 PM):
*NewFriend* (9:33:03 PM): bye
*NewFriend* (9:33:11 PM): let's hope we can complete a party
*NewFriend* (9:33:13 PM): byte
*NewFriend* (9:33:14 PM): bye
*NewFriend* has signed back in. (12/18/05 9:33 PM)

My love letter mailperson.
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:19:07 PM): hey
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:19:09 PM): what's wrong?
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:19:16 PM): are you mad at me?
*BlackIce* (9:20:04 PM): no...
*BlackIce* (9:20:13 PM): i'm jst de*pindot*ed...
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:20:19 PM): but i sense something wrong
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:20:30 PM): read your bloggy
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:20:34 PM): gee...
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:20:39 PM): just be careful
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:20:44 PM): there's something going on
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:20:53 PM): and they say you're involved
*BlackIce* (9:20:53 PM): ??
*BlackIce* (9:20:56 PM): what?
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:21:12 PM): the i hate *nameommission3* and i hate *nameommission5* friendster accounts
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:21:16 PM): you're a suspect
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:21:29 PM): got into a conference discussing it
*BlackIce* (9:21:33 PM): giv me d accounts...
*BlackIce* (9:21:38 PM): i'll look at them...
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:21:43 PM): suspended
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:21:52 PM): btw, *nameommission1*'s a suspect too
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:21:56 PM): but you're a prime
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:21:59 PM): ingat lang
*BlackIce* (9:22:17 PM): cnong mga ngsabi?
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:22:26 PM): *nameommission2*
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:22:29 PM): *NewFriend*
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:22:32 PM): *nameommission5* from *beautifulgreenmineral*
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:22:39 PM): i don't know who the other one was
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:22:47 PM): they were in the confe
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:23:05 PM): but the first two were the one's i'm sure of suspecting you
*BlackIce* (9:23:52 PM): really?
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:24:05 PM): that's what i remember
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:24:13 PM): forgive me if there may be slight errors
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:24:27 PM): memory problems depending on fate
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:25:21 PM): ingat lang talaga
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:25:36 PM): they're watching out for suspicious characters
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:25:41 PM): be on guard
*BlackIce* (9:25:58 PM): k...
*BlackIce* (9:26:00 PM): thnx...
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:26:09 PM): so, how are you>
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:26:10 PM): ?
*BlackIce* (9:26:18 PM):
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:26:27 PM):
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:26:39 PM): i miss you guys
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:26:43 PM): lalo kakulitan mo
*BlackIce* (9:26:52 PM): eheheh.
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:27:14 PM): ",
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:27:43 PM): di ka nag-ko-koment sa blog ko
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:27:50 PM): *tear drop*
*BlackIce* (9:27:54 PM): cge...
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:27:58 PM): yey!
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:28:01 PM):
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:28:55 PM): have you read my stat?
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:29:00 PM): btw, i like your stat
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:29:07 PM): i like the writing style
*BlackIce* (9:30:18 PM): heheh...
*BlackIce* (9:30:23 PM): gwa q lng yan, actually.
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:30:24 PM):
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:30:57 PM): you didn't hear the info leak about friendster from me
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:31:02 PM): thanks
*BlackIce* (9:32:19 PM): um...
*BlackIce* (9:32:22 PM): y nt?
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:32:51 PM): i have disclosed something that i wasnt supposed to say
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:32:52 PM): i told you about it
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:33:00 PM): w/c was not supposed to be the case
*BlackIce* (9:33:18 PM): k...
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:33:21 PM): i am your friend and for your sake i spilled the beans
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:33:29 PM): besides,
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:33:46 PM): i know the pain of being backstabbed, alone
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:33:59 PM): with no real friends
*BlackIce* (9:34:40 PM): k...
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:35:57 PM):
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:40:55 PM): thanks
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:40:57 PM):
*BlackIce* (9:41:15 PM): np..
*MyLoveLetterMailperson* (9:41:24 PM):

That other dude.
*thatotherdude* (9:32:50 PM): *BlackIce*!!!
*BlackIce* (9:33:10 PM): um...
*BlackIce* (9:33:14 PM): introduce..
*thatotherdude* (9:33:28 PM): *thatotherdude*
*BlackIce* (9:33:33 PM): *thatotherdude*??
*thatotherdude* (9:33:35 PM): *beautifulorangeoryellowmineral*
*thatotherdude* (9:33:36 PM):
*BlackIce* (9:33:41 PM): eheheh..
*thatotherdude* (9:33:55 PM): ellow
*thatotherdude* (9:34:03 PM): uhmm...
*thatotherdude* (9:34:12 PM): gawa mo?
*BlackIce* (9:34:35 PM): proj s comsci...
*thatotherdude* (9:34:45 PM): ahh..
*thatotherdude* (9:34:58 PM): kelangan ko nalang lagay dyan ung information eh
*BlackIce* (9:35:59 PM): nyeheh...
*thatotherdude* (9:36:16 PM): ok lang ba kachat kita?
*BlackIce* (9:36:19 PM): yup...
*thatotherdude* (9:36:28 PM): uhmm..
*thatotherdude* (9:36:31 PM): lam mo
*thatotherdude* (9:36:35 PM): uhmm...
*thatotherdude* (9:36:39 PM): masaya na ko
*thatotherdude* (9:36:42 PM):
*thatotherdude* (9:36:44 PM): pero malungkot
*thatotherdude* (9:36:46 PM): labo
*thatotherdude* (9:36:50 PM): more of masaya
*BlackIce* (9:36:52 PM): d nman...
*BlackIce* (9:36:57 PM): gnun aq lagi...
*BlackIce* (9:37:04 PM): high na low...
*BlackIce* (9:37:14 PM): masayahing depressed...
*thatotherdude* (9:37:58 PM): uhmm..
*thatotherdude* (9:38:02 PM): yah parang medyo ganun
*thatotherdude* (9:38:13 PM): pero pag may pasok na super saya na cguro
*BlackIce* (9:38:39 PM): hmm...
*BlackIce* (9:38:46 PM): nt really...
*BlackIce* (9:38:51 PM): pano mo nkuha id q?
*BlackIce* (9:38:55 PM): friendster?
*thatotherdude* (9:39:01 PM): *NewFriend*
*BlackIce* (9:39:25 PM): yah...
*BlackIce* (9:39:29 PM): kchat q lng knina...
*thatotherdude* (9:39:44 PM): iniimbita ako tumakbo officer
*BlackIce* (9:40:19 PM): yup...
*BlackIce* (9:40:22 PM): takbo k...
*thatotherdude* (9:40:32 PM): dont wana make my life harder
*thatotherdude* (9:40:33 PM):
*BlackIce* (9:40:44 PM): heheh..
*thatotherdude* (9:41:21 PM): i wana live naman sa second year a normal students life
*thatotherdude* (9:41:23 PM): diba?
*thatotherdude* (9:41:24 PM):
*BlackIce* (9:41:55 PM): normal in our batch is never possible...
*BlackIce* (9:42:04 PM): lives fraught with scandal and paranoia...
*BlackIce* (9:42:07 PM): ansaya...
*thatotherdude* (9:42:27 PM): ah basta
*thatotherdude* (9:42:33 PM): u get what i mean naman cguro
*thatotherdude* (9:42:34 PM):
*BlackIce* (9:43:59 PM): welll...
*BlackIce* (9:44:02 PM): yeah...
*BlackIce* (9:44:15 PM): of course...
*thatotherdude* (9:44:52 PM): yung parang
*thatotherdude* (9:45:02 PM): di mo na kelangan asikasuhin ung pera na class
*thatotherdude* (9:45:08 PM): <----------treasurer kasi *thatotherdude* (9:45:20 PM): gs2 ko ako nalang magbabayad sa treasurer *thatotherdude* (9:45:25 PM): para carefree na ko *BlackIce* (9:45:30 PM): so... *BlackIce* (9:45:42 PM): wala k n tlgang position in nything nxt yr? *thatotherdude* (9:45:49 PM): nope *thatotherdude* (9:45:57 PM): position nalang sa reputation pde pa *thatotherdude* (9:45:57 PM): *thatotherdude* (9:45:59 PM): *BlackIce* (9:46:59 PM): yeeeah. *BlackIce* (9:47:39 PM): alam mo n b 2? ------->
*thatotherdude* (9:47:53 PM): dont like
*thatotherdude* (9:47:53 PM):
*thatotherdude* (9:48:02 PM): masaya na ko *ulit*
*thatotherdude* (9:48:07 PM):
*BlackIce* (9:48:15 PM): try mo lng...
*BlackIce* (9:48:20 PM): it's fun...
*BlackIce* (9:48:25 PM):
*thatotherdude* (9:48:33 PM): cgecge teka
*thatotherdude* (9:49:16 PM): ehhh
*thatotherdude* (9:49:19 PM): yoko lagay full name eh
*thatotherdude* (9:49:21 PM):
*BlackIce* (9:49:23 PM): cge...
*BlackIce* (9:49:28 PM): ok lng...
*thatotherdude* (9:49:31 PM): baka makita ng next na gagamit ng pc na toh
*BlackIce* (9:49:38 PM): khit first name or last name lng...
*BlackIce* (9:49:40 PM): or codename...
*BlackIce* (9:49:44 PM): sumana nman s kin eh...
*BlackIce* (9:49:47 PM): *gumana
*thatotherdude* (9:49:55 PM): cgecge *codename*
*thatotherdude* (9:50:32 PM): yeah i knew i
*BlackIce* (9:50:33 PM): bkit?
*thatotherdude* (9:50:34 PM): it*
*thatotherdude* (9:50:40 PM): dati naganyan na din ako
*thatotherdude* (9:50:41 PM):
*BlackIce* (9:50:42 PM): san k b gumagamit ng comp?
*BlackIce* (9:50:49 PM):
*thatotherdude* (9:51:01 PM): uhmm..
*thatotherdude* (9:51:02 PM): d2 lang
*thatotherdude* (9:51:05 PM): living room?
*thatotherdude* (9:51:09 PM): isa lang pc namin eh
*BlackIce* (9:51:27 PM): ah...
*BlackIce* (9:51:29 PM): okie...
*thatotherdude* (9:51:47 PM): buti di mo lam sino si *codename1*
*BlackIce* (9:52:03 PM): woops...
*thatotherdude* (9:52:13 PM): basta
*thatotherdude* (9:52:19 PM): at least di mo alam sino si *codename1*
*thatotherdude* (9:52:20 PM):
*BlackIce* (9:52:27 PM): heheh...
*BlackIce* (9:52:38 PM): clue...
*thatotherdude* (9:52:49 PM): *codename1*
*thatotherdude* (9:52:50 PM):
*thatotherdude* (9:52:53 PM): un na un
*thatotherdude* (9:52:54 PM):
*BlackIce* (9:53:07 PM): ergh.
*BlackIce* (9:53:11 PM): ano yan?
*thatotherdude* (9:53:32 PM): uhmm
*thatotherdude* (9:53:33 PM): cge na nga
*thatotherdude* (9:53:57 PM): lam mo ba sino kasayaw ko ng xmas party?
*thatotherdude* (9:53:58 PM): or ung halos kasama ko lagi ng exam week?
*BlackIce* (9:54:08 PM): um...
*BlackIce* (9:54:13 PM): i think i do...
*BlackIce* (9:54:18 PM): d lng aq sure..
*thatotherdude* (9:54:31 PM): pag tama naman ung mga guess mo sabihin ko na eh
*thatotherdude* (9:54:33 PM): kasi dami na nakakaalam
*thatotherdude* (9:54:50 PM): lalo na people who play soccer na dormer
*thatotherdude* (9:54:51 PM):
*BlackIce* (9:55:03 PM): hmm...
*BlackIce* (9:55:04 PM): *nameommission7*?
*thatotherdude* (9:55:14 PM): yah
*thatotherdude* (9:55:15 PM):
*thatotherdude* (9:55:23 PM): sa tingin mo ba player ako?
*BlackIce* (9:55:32 PM): hm...
*BlackIce* (9:55:34 PM): no...
*BlackIce* (9:55:38 PM): nt really...
*thatotherdude* (9:55:45 PM): nt really
*thatotherdude* (9:55:46 PM):
*thatotherdude* (9:55:55 PM): so parang oo na un eh
*thatotherdude* (9:55:55 PM):
*thatotherdude* (9:55:59 PM): pero sa tingin ko nde
*thatotherdude* (9:56:11 PM): kasi kung player sabay sabay diba tas bolero lang
*BlackIce* (9:56:31 PM): heheh...
*thatotherdude* (9:56:57 PM): bakit stat mo brb?
*BlackIce* (9:57:11 PM): para d aq kulitin ng other ppl...
*BlackIce* (9:57:22 PM): dpat nga invi yan...
*thatotherdude* (9:57:52 PM):
*thatotherdude* (9:57:54 PM): okioki
*BlackIce* (9:57:58 PM): uhm...
*BlackIce* (9:58:03 PM): tnong lng...
*BlackIce* (9:58:14 PM): do u think its wrong n may crush aq kay *nameommission8*
*BlackIce* (9:58:20 PM): nd kay *nameommission2* at d same tym?
*thatotherdude* (9:58:47 PM): uhmm...
*thatotherdude* (9:58:51 PM): ewan?
*BlackIce* (9:59:09 PM): ergh...
*thatotherdude* (9:59:30 PM): tingin ko nga di ka bi eh
*thatotherdude* (9:59:39 PM): parang *nameommission9* lang
*thatotherdude* (9:59:40 PM):
*BlackIce* (9:59:49 PM): huh?
*thatotherdude* (10:00:20 PM): wala wala
*thatotherdude* (10:00:21 PM):
*BlackIce* (10:00:38 PM): no
*BlackIce* (10:00:40 PM): what?!
*thatotherdude* (10:00:47 PM): tingin ko di ka bi
*thatotherdude* (10:00:58 PM): prang *nameommission9* lang
*thatotherdude* (10:01:02 PM): actin feminish sometimes
*thatotherdude* (10:01:05 PM):
*BlackIce* (10:01:38 PM): oook...
*thatotherdude* (10:01:59 PM): yah
*thatotherdude* (10:01:59 PM):
*thatotherdude* (10:02:02 PM): aiun
*BlackIce* (10:02:39 PM): well...
*BlackIce* (10:02:46 PM): i'm pretty sure i'm bi...
*BlackIce* (10:02:49 PM): ewan.
*thatotherdude* (10:02:58 PM): uhmm...
*thatotherdude* (10:03:07 PM): tuloy mo na kay *nameommission8* kung crush mo
*thatotherdude* (10:03:11 PM):
*BlackIce* (10:03:55 PM): eheheh...
*thatotherdude* (10:04:22 PM): ayt?
*thatotherdude* (10:04:24 PM): tuloy mo na ah?
*thatotherdude* (10:04:26 PM):
*BlackIce* (10:04:30 PM): hm.
*BlackIce* (10:04:32 PM): ewan..
*thatotherdude* (10:04:39 PM): torpe?
*BlackIce* (10:06:11 PM): yeah.
*BlackIce* (10:06:12 PM): cguro.
*thatotherdude* (10:06:22 PM): tama yan
*thatotherdude* (10:06:25 PM): wag kay *nameommission2* ha!
*thatotherdude* (10:06:30 PM): please lang
*thatotherdude* (10:06:31 PM):
*BlackIce* (10:06:43 PM): uhm...
*BlackIce* (10:06:44 PM): cge...
*BlackIce* (10:06:46 PM): pro y nt?
*thatotherdude* (10:06:53 PM): no cra
*thatotherdude* (10:07:03 PM):
*thatotherdude* (10:07:10 PM): *nameommission8* mas good choice
*thatotherdude* (10:07:16 PM): kesa guy doi
*thatotherdude* (10:07:24 PM): bawal sa church ung same sex
*BlackIce* (10:08:21 PM): ergh.
*BlackIce* (10:08:25 PM): i know that.
*BlackIce* (10:08:31 PM): cge...
*BlackIce* (10:08:34 PM): chala n lng...
*BlackIce* (10:08:37 PM): *bhala
*BlackIce* (10:08:43 PM): s2pid keyboard.
*thatotherdude* (10:08:50 PM): uhmm.
*thatotherdude* (10:08:54 PM): mali lang fingering mo
*thatotherdude* (10:08:56 PM):
*thatotherdude* (10:09:05 PM): layo ng c sa b
*thatotherdude* (10:09:12 PM): kung v sa na ung napindot mo
*BlackIce* (10:09:14 PM):
*thatotherdude* (10:09:33 PM): hehhe
*thatotherdude* (10:09:38 PM): uy gtg na ah
*thatotherdude* (10:09:39 PM): bye
*thatotherdude* (10:09:42 PM): gudnyt
*BlackIce* (10:09:43 PM): cge...
*BlackIce* (10:09:50 PM): gudnyt n rin...
*thatotherdude* (10:10:00 PM): gudluck kay *nameommission8*
*BlackIce* (10:10:09 PM):
*thatotherdude* (10:10:20 PM): thats a big amount of courage para aminin yan
*thatotherdude* (10:10:31 PM): pero after nun
*thatotherdude* (10:10:33 PM): ok na
*BlackIce* (10:10:59 PM): cge..
*thatotherdude* (10:11:10 PM): bye ulit
*thatotherdude* (10:11:11 PM): lis na ko
*thatotherdude* (10:11:12 PM):
*BlackIce* (10:11:32 PM): k...


Poem Post 1: Heart-Shaped Paradox

Actually, this poem was one of the few poems I made on demand...for a ValEd1 project...the first of three in a compilation called

(how I truly feel about life)

I'll post the others sometime in the future...

Heart-Shaped Paradox
Beautiful, subtle
Sudden, profane
Densely sensible
Sanely insane
Causes man to laugh and cry
Makes one want to live and die
Cupid's profession
Deadly obsession
General truth, personal lie
Brings people together
Tears others apart
Fantasy's happy endings
Reality's sobering start
Like warm summer sun, like cold winter rain
Heart of passion, reason for pain
Mother of life
Bringer of strife
Heavenly blessing, earthly bane
Holding on, letting go
Saying "Yes", screaming "No"
Havin' Losin' Makin' Killin' Lettin' Givin' Takin' Bein' Wastin' Savin'


Why do I suffer so?

wow, i never thought it'd be this hard to think of stuff to post...

i just don't know if i can go on like this...

batch xmas party last 8th...

during the party i entered with this stupid outfit (dared for P200). that's how desperate i am for money. i have no integrity. i ate with eruanne and her friends, but i felt so OP...gahd i was stupid for even going there...so i rushed to the bathroom and there he was...with thea's boyfriend, prepping themselvs in the mirror...i was like a deer staring at headlights. i bolted, but they saw me. GAHD i am fuckin' stupid...

i never felt more miserable in my whole life than at that party. i went around like some damn idiot, and even drowned myself in the rain for a few minutes...i didn't know how to dance, i didn't have the courage to ask eruanne or the batch treasurer to dance...and more so, there was no chance i'd be able to dance with either of the guys, him or HIM...i promised him i'd never obsess again...and i didn't..."After Eden" by Arnold Arre was a testimony to that...but HIM...my crush on HIM seems to be like my internet connection...fluctuating...one of eruanne's "sisters", The Composer, teased me about HIM...damn that dude - he just had to know...

if i really was depressed i could have gotten high on the unlimited iced tea, but dezkitty was there to save the day...she danced with me, and i got to dance with ricky's sweetheart. (sorry eruanne.) i tried to persuade Ruby's only DL to dance with me, but she wouldn't...ergh...i am the stupidest idiot in the world...i wish i just curled up and died right there and then. damn. i could have gone home crying; i dont think i did...i dont know why. probably because i was too sad to care. i wish i never went. gahd.

my text is slowly fading, so i have just enough time for the poem...

why can't i
lose myself
in your sweet embrace
why can't i

touch and look into
your beautiful face
just as this verse has no meter or rhyme
i have no hope
i have no time
i can no longer see the humor
the laughter or the joy
i am but a lost soul
a doll
a toy