Nowhere to go but down?

Just got my grades. Below is a table of my grades until the 3rd quarter.

Course[a.k.a.]1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter
Biology 1 (BIO1)Bio1.501.751.50
Chemistry 1 (CH1)Chem1.751.751.50
Physics 1 (PH1)P61.751.501.25
Mathematics 2 (M2)Geom1.751.501.50
Mathematics 3 (M3)Algeb1.751.501.75
Computer Science 2 (CS2)ComSci1.251.001.25
English 2 (E2)Eng1.251.001.00
Filipino 2 (F2)Pinoy1.501.251.00
Social Science 2 (SS2)SocSci1.251.251.50
PEHM 2 (PE2/H2/Mu2)PEHM1.251.001.25
Values Education 2 (VE2)ValEd1.251.501.25
Art 2/Drafting 2 (A2/DRF2)Art/CAD1.251.251.25
Environmental Science/Technology Skills 1 (ENV/TSK1)EnviSci/TechSkills1.251.251.00
Weighted Average (GWA)Average1.44641.37501.3214

I went up this quarter. But yes, I'm not satisfied. Far from it pa nga. It's good that I was able to work most of my subjects up, especially Bio, the 2-unit subject. But my dreams of getting a 1.0 in SS2, M2 or M3 are gone forever. Even if (by some amazing God-force) I get a 1.0 in these subjects, they'll only end up as 1.25s or 1.5s on the card. Sobrang frustrating that I can't get a 1.0 in these subjects. My only hopes now for 1.0s are subjects like PH1 and E2 or F2. I have to retain my 1.0s and ace my 1.25s para sa Fourth Quarter. I'm scared for both my higher marks (baka bumaba) and my lower marks (baka lalong bumaba). Baka di na 'ko makaabot sa dapat maabot - a 1.2-something GWA.

A lot of people are asking why I push myself to do these things and get these grades. Well, to put it simply, I want to prove. Prove to my family that I'm worth more than they think I am. Prove to myself that I can do something with my life. And prove to the world that I can be someone who is someone, not just some half-assed mediocre everyday guy.


Blogger clarisse said...

naks! taas ng grades.

just a piece of advice. it's great you want to raise your grades. :D aside from doing it for yourself, which is great, do it for God. you might find more purpose in it that way. haha. la lang. God bless! :D

2/08/2007 12:46:00 AM  
Blogger Eruanne said...

ang taas naman ng grades mo. nakakatakot. *runs away and hides*

don't worry about it, you've already proven to a whole lot of people that you're someone who is worth more than any everyday guy. and, from what i got talking to your family, they think that you are worth a LOT.

easy lang once in a while, okie? i can't even remember the last time i saw you truly smile now. :(

take care always! *hug*

2/08/2007 04:01:00 PM  

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