If you look really closely, you can actually see me smiling

Happy day today. :D

omg, Gian said he was happy!

Yeah, whatever. So anyway, naging masaya lang ako around mga SocSci time. Why?
Nanalo kasi kami sa Quiz Bee - Me, Jerome and si Mae. Mwahahah.
Katawa nga eh, I wasn't tallying our score habang sumasagot kami; I was expecting na we'd end up 5th or 6th out of 11 groups ata. Grabe, ang galing ni Jerome and ni Mae. Galing ko rin tsumamba ng sagot XD Tapos si Je was tallying pala. Sabi niya we were around second or third. I dismissed it, and we were kinda disappointed when other groups whom we thought better than us were announced 3rd and 2nd. Tapos first pala kami!! Hahah. Israel pwns you all.

Nakatama din ako ng bola! :D I raced a base. Yay. :P

Then biglang nalaman namin na yung project namin sa Art, nasira ng 1st years! Oh noes. Accidente daw. May girl from Diamond '10 na nadapa and fell on it. Poor her. :[ They were nice enough to actually go to Sir Cipriano and ask for an extension for us. Wow. At least mabait sila. And accident naman. And naayos naman namin kahit papaano.

And then!

Because of us pala, deadlines for all the projects were extended. :O Hahah. So sa lahat ng Sci, thank us. :P


May bago akong phone! Nokia 2230. Zomg. Ipapagmalaki ko bukas. >3

Day 2


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