Free flowing puke

The social stratosphere, known as "Sai," is divided into various levels with unclear definitions and changing gradients. No one unit can be strictly classified into one sector, because classification relies on an entire set of qualitative arbitrary factors:

mapherah - true economic status
mapheque - assumed economic status
matern - definitive habitation
makadha - the groups a unit frequents
maiquau - fame/infamy among other units
maiyuno - attainment
maighawyn - interests and skills

Mapherah, mapheque, and maiyuno are measurable by qualitative degree, while matern is binary - "xet" or "nit." Makadha, maiquau, and maghawyn descriptions are ever-changing but remain almost consistent for different points of view. This gives us, partially, the first axiom of Sai, which states that:

"For all units, Sai is subjective, ever-changing, and uncertain."


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