Politics and pseudo-friends

I honestly don't know whether I want to win this year. Because somehow I'm not able to make much of a difference anyway. I apply as a candidate in the batch and school elections because I want to be able to do something, and not just sit around and complain when something goes wrong. I always want to be one of those people who try to make sure that the world runs smoothly for everyone else.

But this past year, I feel like I've been able to do nothing. Whenever work is tasked, I never receive my fair share; whenever something needs to be done, I am placed under the assumption that I won't be able to do it.

I've feel incompetent and useless and everything in between, and the only reason I'm running again is to prove to everyone, and even more to myself, that I'm not. I want to lead and serve; I want to become part of the fair few that tries to push for good changes.

And if this year will just be the same, might as well vote someone else. Hi Kayla. :]


They're not really my friends, are they? Those people who are nice to me anyway but wouldn't give a damn or not if I did something good for them. Them, who live life so happily and have forgotten about me almost totally...

Yeah, I'm bitter. Fucking deal with it. >:]


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