Teh vanity of moi

Awesomely proud of my work in the Creative Writing editorial exam some time ago. The literary part, anyway; I'm ashamed to call myself a proofreader. I shall post here in raw form, for I am an egoistic jerk.

[test item: You are the second to the last in a long bloodline of vampires, and near death from lack of blood. You must write a letter to what will be your last living blood relative.]
To my long-lost, long-lasting, and last *blood* relative, my son,

This society has been harsh on our family. My fight for the rights of our race, as well as the other "monstrous" races that we have co-existed with for so long, has failed. You have witnessed and experienced the brutality towards us, we of a sanguine hunger and sexual desire. Man has scorned us, compared us to Lycans, the children of Salem, and the earthbound dead; we are called "half-men" and inhuman, when in fact man is more inhuman and inhumane!

So I leave a task of deathly importance to you, my son. Go forth and spread our being throughout the world! The foolish mankind believes our race is spread through the spilling of blood, when it is spread through the spilling of our seed! Infect them, my son, both man and woman, and soon, we shall BE mankind! If man refuses to accept us, then he will become us! Let the house of Vlad be etched into the minds, hearts, and bodies of the human race and its history, and let the "monstrosity" that is us prevail!

Your father of and by sex
September 12th, 1999
[test item: Include a given set of words in writing a short poem, story, or essay.]
The words that I remember were required are highlighted below. I misspelled tessellation and failed to use restaurant. :|
Forced Into Submission

Dismally, the sad clown stares from the etched black of supposed art, torn
Looking like a disturbed Mona Lisa in twisted art form
Aberration, alliteration, art? Larger than life, gargantuan
Umbrellas undulating for the sake of modernism, a fornication of fate
Stoically, dismally stares down from the portrait
Oodles of
poodles in tesselation, mermaids under waves in undulation
snipping into the easel's cloth, heated and humid
Poetry like that above is
cajoled into poignancy. Stoically, stupid
Rhyme and rhythm and meter and sense.
Orange, door hinge.
Yay me! I've been slightly productive for my elective. :| Off to do STR. :E. I shouldn't have sought for the use of non-supplemental soy isoflavones as a targeted low-density lipoprotein reductor. x.X


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