I feel so disgusted with me. Hurry, somebody warn me that I'm being a shallow jerk who uses people again before I stop realizing it myself!

I just wish sometimes I could be happily ignorant of everyone judging and talking behind everyone's back instead of being there watching it all happen.

This is probably why I don't like people very much.

And yeah, you're right, I don't like people who seem to not like me. Yung mga taong hindi nag-hhi sa corridors or yung mga kilala mo at kilala ka pero ayaw niyo kilalanin na nandyan yung isa. Yeah. That's why parang andaming nag-iisip na medyo weird ako. Coz I say "Hi" a lot. And, and, parang gusto ko laging makisama sa kung saan man, kahit hindi talaga ako dapat nandoon.

Yeah. Diba?


Everything's gonna bend and break. Suuuuure, they don't hate you now, but sooner or later you'll end up as a megalomaniac-type jerk who tries to control everyone. It's the same every damned year. Ramayana, here we come. :|




Why does the world have to stand on its head when I'm standing straight?


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