the only thing i really find so fucked up about blogger

is that you really can't hide stuff like on LJ. yeh.


it's much easier to "blog" when all you do is write what's in your head, although by some supposed "definitions" that's hardly blogging. damn them all. ang ayaw ko lang naman is "todayyyy i had a score of 25/30 sa aming long teeeeest. my gahd. it's so hirap naman."


it's hard to erase biases against a teacher. especially if the teacher in question isn't careful about what he says. mehn, even as an expression that's so fucking disgusting, honestly. and it doesn't help that he's so fucking irritating that he has to ramble on and on and on and on and on about the most pointless shit when all you want to do is jump into the godforsaken pool where you can't hear him.

i build a wall of ignorance around my swimming cap-covered little head. :|


advertising once more: wanted: Arnold Arre's "After Eden." name your price. i can't believe i gave my copy to someone i *thought* i loved. demmit. is it wrong to ask for a gift back, when the gift is one that the person didn't really care for? :|


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