Finally, it is over.

The Assessment, I mean. Here it is.

- Such a big attitude - totally unexpected of you. You opened my eyes to many things about sa atin. Smart in a lot of ways, but undependable in some. Di-mahulaan - talagang you and your friends.
i know i can trust this person 88% of the time

- The best people in life seem to never get what they deserve. Kahit sobrang sipag at bait mo, that reward seems so close and yet so far away - but you'll get what you want someday. Have confidence - kaya mo 'yan.
i know i can trust this person 96% of the time

- Nanay, kaibigan, konsensya - that's what you were. You were one of the few I could believe, and kept me anchored all of the time. Learn to see 'yung ibang tao in better lights, and have more courage to take on challenges.
i know i can trust this person 93% of the time

- My big sister and my first crush(^_^;). You kept me conscious of what I did and what I said, and a lot of people changed in front of you. Talagang ate at heart, 'di ba? Pero why so torpe and unwilling to be associated with *--beep--*?? =D
i know i can trust this person 96% of the time

- [Written totally in English, the hateful language I speak and was doomed to speak. I think madami naghihintay for this.] I guess the term 'friends' was extremely shallow to you. As it was to me. I didn't know whom I could consider a friend then, that's why I turned to you. But you turned ON me. Until now, for the shallow reasons that you have, I still don't know why. We could have talked. We could have not begun this endless war that has hurt and poisoned so many others. But you were not willing to talk, obviously. Though I'm kind of thankful that you caused me such pain. Because when you pushed me off, I hit rock bottom, and it was only there that I could see what I, you, and almost everyone else were living - lies. Lives of deceit and backstabbing. Lives of uncertainty and unacceptance. Lives full of two-sided swords and words, of sharpened knives and sharp tongues. Lives of the people I consider my friends - the lives I wanted myself to hate. But somehow, I fell into that rut, and until now am still not able to pick myself up. You said you'd forgive me someday. Never mind. Too late.
i know i can almost never trust this person.

- You are smart and able to speak up in a lot of ways. I admired you for those - 'wag mong isiping wala kang kaibigan, because you do. I'll always consider you as a friend, if you are willing to do the same.
i know i can trust this person 79% of the time

- I trusted you, because I was so pathetic and easily trusting then; 'di ko alam ang gagawin. Now, I trust you because I know I actually can. I thought you were there because you belonged - ngayon alam ko na kasi pinili mo 'yun. Let us try to attain our selves without others - what we want. Supreme respect - that's what I tribute to you and your work. Let us try to get out of that rut we are trapped in. We confide and we divulge, we love and we loathe, we trust and we trick; for we are us. At walang makakasabi na hindi. Nyahah.
i know i can trust this person 90% of the time

- You are creative and full of ingenuity - things I like in many people I meet. Kung kaya mo naman sa art, why not express yourself the same way personally; through your voice and self?
i know i can trust this person 94% of the time

- Funny but open - very open - you showed yourself through the things you said and the ideas you gave. 'Di ka takot na sabihin ang iniisip mo sa mga kaibigan mo; although sometimes this could get you on the wrong side of things.
i know i can trust this person 89% of the time

- 'Di ko pa rin maintindihan kung ano ang ayaw nila sa 'yo - you were misunderstood and mistreated. I pitied you, a good person at heart, a hardworking person at hand, and a great friend giving bits of advice. I wanted to reach out - although that would be the blind leading his kind. Just be yourself - but listen to constructive criticism, not to their spite.
i know i can trust this person 82% of the time

There. Have you figured out who they all are yet? No? Too bad. Thank you to all of the people of Opal, who changed me in the many ways I would not have thought possible. I'll miss us. Really.


Blogger jeJo said...

Wow. The only person I know is Batch 3 Number 5. You really gave sharp words to kieaalm. I expected that. And, if I were to make one for the whole batch (which includes her of course), I could have said the same thing.

Oh well. She really doesn't know the meaning of FRIENDSHIP.

5/18/2006 05:38:00 PM  
Blogger BlackIce said...

i don't know. supreme respect, basta.

5/19/2006 09:09:00 PM  

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