J-REV rocked. It was a Praisefest of sorts, but more like a rally. It was great - I don't regret not going to RD's party (where I'd feel OP), or to Takipsilim (where I knew nobody), or staying at home (where I'd go into withdrawal). The Jesus Revolution was a movement for the advancement of youth...ment. (^_^;) With me were a whole heck of people I never thought could rock and scream and shout and cheer and cry like that...I loved it. I really did.

I felt jealous because I saw <> with <> at <>...It hurt somehow, but I felt happy that <> got what <> had wanted all along...to be with <>...It hurts, you know, when the thing you want the most can't seem to see you wanting it...

Anger and Healing
Opal is going to have an open forum this Tuesday...we're going to blow everything out and show what people really feel about one another. Everyone is going to have their hands tied behind their back, to represent the pain and hurt that holds us back. Once a person has gotten over all his/her issues, he/she is freed.


Blogger Eruanne said...

sino ung mga <> and <>? hehehehe

yeah, the JRev was so cool! ang saya... at first i thought it would be boring, but heck no! ashteeg...

2/04/2006 10:37:00 PM  

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