Second Batch

Rejoice. I have posted.

- A good artist, a generous friend, and a reminder of what I missed - my childhood. Somehow, 'yung kabalbalan mo made me laugh. You defied all description of human. 'Yun nga lang, minsan, 'di kita maintindihan. Never mind that.
i'm sure I can trust this person 81% of the time

- You are human enough to make mistakes, and you admit to them. At least ikaw, you try to belong - 'di tulad ko. But sometimes, try to understand that people won't always laugh, that you won't always be welcomed.
i'm sure I can trust this person 78% of the time

- Showing a deep wisdom, dedication and understanding under your pagka-ewan, you changed my perspective of people in many ways. Kaysa kung anu-ano pa gawin mo, ganito ka na lang lagi - I like it more.
i'm sure I can trust this person 94% of the time

- I thought you could never be taken seriously. I was wrong. You defy much more than I do, and show much more activism in what you do. But loud Isn't always good, you know. Tone it down, and let other people be heard.
i'm sure I can trust this person 91% of the time

- A sort of prodigy - smart, quick, and ahead of yourself, as well as a good friend. You have very strong opinions and feelings, but you just need to know how to express them better; 'di laging galit dapat. Try not to hate as much.
i'm sure I can trust this person 91% of the time

- My first friend in Pisay, you kept me anchored when I flew too much. You helped me cope, and I helped you cope. Pero 'yung paglayo ko from everyone meant that I had to change friends. Be less emotional and try to detach as well.
i'm sure I can trust this person 93% of the time

- At first, akala ko tahimik ka; a quiet, obedient little boy - thank God you weren't. Kilala kita bilang totoong Pinoy - a something that I cannot be at all. You are one of the few people I know who are good and true to themselves. Pero minsan hayaan mo na lang ang tao; let them live their own lives.
i'm sure I can trust this person 95% of the time

- I know na mabuti kang tao, contrary to what other people say. May pakiramdam ka ring tinago, and I respect you for that. People constantly underestimate and misunderstand you, though - prove them wrong.
i'm sure I can trust this person 87% of the time

- I see that you try to be what you want to be - you. But hurting others won't do that for you. I'm still unsure. Try to be trusted.
i'm sure I can trust this person 39% of the time

- You aren't exactly on the system, but of course you're part of Opal. You are the bubbly, imaginative and happy-go-lucky friend having super tech skills. You kept me happy when I was down and kept me level-headed when I got mad. Probably the only fault you have is being offbeat sometimes.
i'm sure I can trust this person 97% of the time


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