Post-Birthday Post

I'm 14.

Not that I really makes any difference, but I just went and said it.

Last day of being 13 (01/05/06)

The day that made the difference. During Music, we were told to tell the class what we were most thankful for in 2005, and what our resolutions were in 2006. When it was my turn, I started easy and happy. But somehow, in some way, I began sniffing, then sobbing, then I broke down totally. I don't know what happened, but every bitter thought and feeling I had poured out to the class; I was crying and I was shivering and I was weak; people were staring, looking away or (in the case of Mikaela Angela Bito-onon Suansing) laughing; I was stuttering and repeating what I was saying; I couldn't see, hear or think straight (the non-preference related 'straight')...

After the whole thing I felt extremely worse than I had before. I walked around and I was silent, angry and depressed. But then Jiggs and Anna talked to me...I felt so much better afterwards...the ironic thing is, we didn't really talk...they just listened...

Kevs also texted me...said it was the right thing, what I did...Don2 did the same...gave me support...so did most of the girls of Opal...I then realized just who I could trust; who could help me...

The aging process (01/06/06)

They say when you cry one day, you laugh the next. True enough for my birthday.

I celebrated my birthday with Pizza Hut...5 boxes of Meat Lovers' Stuffed Crust Pizza, 5 boxes of Hawaiian Pizza, 10 slices each box combined with me, my friends and teachers equals zero slices of pizza left...

My birthday was pretty much enjoyable, 'cause we pigged out at The Old Spaghetti House along Katipunan then had dessert at Starbucks...best one I'd had yet...

But I don't have much to say anymore...my time online is limited...and I'm bored...I'll just go listen to the RENT soundtrack now...one of the best musicals I've never watched...^_^;

Will I lose my dignity?/ Will someone care?/ Will I wake tomorrow from this nightmare?


Blogger Eruanne said...

hey... i'm glad to hear that you're okay na... hang in there gigi, kaya mo 'yan... ^^

don't worry, i'm always here for ya if u need me! *hugz*

1/08/2006 01:34:00 AM  
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