Poem Post 2: Eternal Obsession

actually, the part of the poem in blue was a poem on it's own...I just built on it... My dedication, by the way:
"Ooic ngo nto nta. Anno ne an." Leave a comment to know what this means...

I cried myself to sleep at night
Hidden in the dark
Away from the light

"I can never touch your face
Be in your sweet embrace
I'm the stalker staring
I'm the friend who's caring
I can't not love you
The wrong way I do"

I didn't know how long
This obsession would go on
It was so wrong
I wanted it to


So I stopped staring
I stopped caring
I was left with nothing
And my nothing felt so right
I was okay
I was alright.

But I cried myself to sleep at night
Hidden in the dark
Away from the light
'Cause my nothing
No longer felt right

"This love is a curse
This love is a blight"

I thought I was over you
I thought I had stopped caring
I thought I had stopped staring
But a misery overbearing
wearing me
tearing me

And so I cry myself to sleep at night
Hidden in the dark.


Blogger jeJo said...

(R) ยป Kaye's blog

That's erratic

Just posting this error here as a comment.

Kaye is not a Pisay person. Why the heck would you classify her as a Rubynian? You don't actually know her...

She was one of my co-workshoppers during a series of workshops over the years.


Please correct and remove her link there. Thanks,

1/04/2006 06:35:00 PM  
Blogger Eruanne said...

*sniff* that's a such a bittersweet sad poem... i love it talaga... ^^

miss u!

1/07/2006 03:12:00 PM  

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