I wish I was a teenage mutant ninja.

Got my card kanina. And... T.T It's worse than I expected, but I wasn't as disappointed. Why? Dunno. Maybe because I was just relieved to stay on the DL list (that's the Director's List/honor roll). Won't bother posting my grades anymore, but I went down. And I got my first and only 2.0 for the year - Algebra. Again. I swear, I hate that subject after I learn to love it. Bio didn't go up either - sad.

And it's kinda... unfair. I mean, I'm not doing exceedingly well, while other people are. That wouldn't be a problem if these people were total nerds, but they have lives. On the other hand, me - exceedingly good at being mediocre - I don't live a normal life, and yet I can't be the best at pretty much anything. I'm envious and annoyed at the people who seem to have gotten the upper hand on life. Popularity, power, genius, money, attractiveness, not to mention stable relationships with their families and other people... I'm sorry, but fuck them. Fuck you - you know who you are.

[Oh, and if anyone wants to fight over whether I have the above or not, comment. I'll be glad to bitch at you and prove that other people are on the better receiving ends than me.]


On a lighter note, went to SM with Bea and Julius a while ago. Bigla na lang nag-aya si Bea. And I agreed. :D We were going to watch TMNT - yeah, the Ninja Turtles. And I kinda found out that day na last na pala ni Julius dito... wow. So I went with the two of them (without permission, of course :P) We ate muna at Burger King - I'd forgotten it was a Friday -.- then we got to the theater.

The movie is awesome. For once, I understood a comic book movie(?) and appreciated it. It wasn't deep, it had no "finding myself" kind of moral, the whole thing was explained all throughout. :D Oh, and it helped that the animation was purely computer imagery and didn't need special effects or actors. Just voice actors. Oh, speaking of which, Zhang Ziyi voiced Karai (head of the Foot and loyal dog to Shredder). Cool. :D

Here's the Wiki article, with spoilers. :P

The concept of "cosmic power" is extremely off. It did kinda work in the movie, however. I liked more the movie's focus on Leonardo and Raphael and their constant brother feud. The scenes in the rain were awesome, especially with the drama in their struggle to be better than each other. Flow was kinda rough, though it presented itself okay. It should have given more attention to the band of turtles themselves.

Turtles with weapons are awesome. Oh, and I want an army of Foot ninjas at the command of my finger. *whoosh*


Blogger Kevin Caballa said...

yeah... algebra's hateworty naman eh... *putang ina mo, math!* >_<

4/02/2007 12:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Sir Martin said...

Hmm. You may want to read this.


4/02/2007 01:02:00 AM  

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