Gone. For 2 months.

He'll be returning last week of May.

Ingat, dude. Please. For our sakes. Love ya, stay safe. Comment ka sa post na 'to when you get to Sacramento. 15 hour difference, damn it. Pero at least behind us. So 'pag 10 pm doon 1 pm dito. :D Yay.


Wanted: Textmate. Must be a Globe user, friendly, kilala ko na dapat. Needed during hours of idleness (commonly 6-8 am, 12-5 pm, 8-11.59 pm, 12 - ? am) or in times of needed comfort. Must be able to handle some external emotional baggage. Contact: 09063079100 :D Kidding. Text me crazy, people. Kahit hanggang first week of June lang. Or else I'll go hunting for you. Beware, people with Globe SIMs. >:D


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