Uninspired, writing what I feel - I sense a disturbance in the Force

Explored my "blogo-sphere of influence" [lol] out of ennui (look it up), and I've noticed some things... go psychoanalytical me!

1. Too many people are trying too hard imitating other people. There are quite a few people ('course I won't mention them) who, judging from what they write and how they write, are taking pages from all the books around them. Got nothing wrong with it (as I'm waaay guilty of this), but I wish blogs had more originality. Like this one. Or this one. Or this one.

2. -ness. It was okay at first, but now people are affixing it to every word. Blogness. Coolness. Sobness. Yayness. Ergh. It's the beginnings of a new dialect: the Konyo Lingo. Speaking of the Spanish word of a female's nether parts, look at UrbanDictionary and the word's definitions. I squirted milk out of my nose at these. (Yes, I drink milk - milk is good milk is good milk is good)

Here's one with a grudge, but he/she presents the all-around stereotype. He/she forgot a few schools though. >:D
by kei_blue:

...often referring to Filipinos of Spanish blood, most especially those who study in La Salle or Ateneo or Poveda, who talk in a braggy type of English.
Used in a sentence...
Konyo people usually hang around Makati. [wooow.]
And here we have the more socially acceptable retort - notice how he/she didn't defend La Salle or Poveda. -.- Goes to show that even they typecast - and the dude has enough nerve to retort.
by atenista:

the bane of philippine society

airheaded nouveau riche kids... they mix the two languages and think that "make + tagalog verb" (eg. make kulit, make kain, make away, etc.) is an actual grammatical form...

they love to brag about new gadgets and think that anyone who doesn't have a camera-phone must be really pathetic.

it's ignorant, baseless, and hurtful to brand ateneans collectively konyo...
[and it's perfectly okay to brand those other schools. :D] they can't help it if most of them (but not all) speak good english and you don't. [true, but it doesn't help that some to most still act the part; considering the definition you just gave above. >:)]
Heehee. Yeah, I know I'm coño to some degree, too, it's just that the -ness thing just irritated me at some point. Limit your use, durn it.

3. and... a serious part. Something from Leira Soul, which made me kinda think a lot. She goes,
"I've long accepted the fact that it isn't always that the people around me will still be there for me a year or ten later. Even though I wished so long and hard for the people I'm close to to never grow distant, it hasn't happened yet. All I can do is move on, try to find another friend. There isn't anything else I can do really. At least, that's how I thought until just a few days ago."
Beautiful... and kinda sad, for me. I don't really want to lose the friends I have now, and I can't really accept this fact Kelsy has accepted - that people won't always be there for you. I wish life was a Friends sitcom.


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Blogger カタリナ said...

"Konyo people usually hang around Makati. [wooow.]"



Anyway, in a way Kelsy is right. There is a point, no there are points where you have to face the world alone. If you're lucky, you have at least your arsenal of wits to defend you.

But of course, sometimes, you just have to tell these people that you need them. Someone will be there. :D

Enjoy the break!


3/23/2007 05:42:00 PM  

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