Close ba tayo?

Got the idea from Carlo. Basically, it's a checklist that determines how close we are. Whoever you are.

If you get
more than half of the signs of one level, you can move on to the next, and the level you just passed determines our relationship. If not, it means you're stuck at the level below that. (Evidently if you don't even go past the first level, you're nothing to me.) Not totally accurate though.

LEVEL 1: Acquaintances ("Hey, I know you... you're that... dude I know!")
  • You know my first first name (yeah, my first first name) and my last name.
  • You know where I study now.
  • You're reading this blog.
  • You are or have been my classmate.
  • You've talked about me with or to other people.
  • We've met and talked at least once.
  • I've texted you or you've texted me at least once.
  • You know na galing akong Claret.
  • You know how old I am.
  • We share the same tastes in music (If you agree w/ any of the ff: a. Rock or Jazz is awesome b. Hip-hop and Rap sucks c. Filipinos are awesome musically)
LEVEL 2: Semi-friends ("Hey. How're you doing?")
  • I greet you when we meet.
  • I've had a conversation with you, probably about schoolwork or some minor interest.
  • You work with me on a periodic basis. (Example, kaklase ka, or pareho club natin or something)
  • You've IM'd or e-mailed me personally - yung hindi GM.
  • You've asked me, or I've asked you for answers to questions.
  • I've had physical contact with you.
  • You can name the title and URL of my blog when I ask you.
  • You don't need to ask if my name's pronounced as jee-an' or ghee'-an. (And if you are wondering, it's originally the ghee'-an one)
  • You know my favorite colors. (Black, brown, grey, dark blue)
  • You're friends with me on Friendster.
LEVEL 3: Friends (*hug*)
  • I've hugged you.
  • You know when my birthday is, including year.
  • You've defended me or my reputation.
  • You try to reply, as much as possible, when I text you.
  • You've tagged on my blog.
  • You've invited me to do something or go somewhere with you.
  • You've gone looking for me just for the purpose of talking to me.
  • You've become truly and deeply concerned about me.
  • I've told you some or most of my secrets.
  • I personally told you that I'm bisexual - kahit on the phone, YM, text.
LEVEL 4: Good friends (I'll be there for you/ When the rain starts to fall)
  • You've hugged me.
  • You know about my other blog. (OoOoOoh, what other blog??? o.O)
  • You've given Blogger comments here.
  • You've told me to stop hurting myself.
  • You've called me up, kahit on a residence line, cellphone, whatever.
  • We've had a serious and life-changing conversation.
  • You've told me some or most of your secrets.
  • You wouldn't leave me even if I did or have something horribly wrong - for example, nakapatay ako ng tao, nabaliw ako, may AIDS ako, etc.
  • I've given you any sort of gift.
  • You acknowledge the fact that I'm bi and don't mind when I talk about it or in relation to it.
LEVEL 5: People I trust, love, and forever will.
If you've gotten this far, go to my other blog and read Level 5. Oh, and if you can't read it, you're stuck at 4. Sorry.


Anonymous carlo said...

pretty close! wasn't keepin score. haha. pero yeah. i think we're close. ||-> that close. ingats bro!

*checks part 5*

hahahahaha :)

1/02/2007 04:32:00 PM  
Anonymous sarah ddubs said...

i call i get a special -strange cousin from across the sea- level. :)

1/04/2007 10:29:00 AM  
Anonymous sarah ddubs said...

Thu Jan 04, 10:29:00 AM ... wow, i just posted in the future ... will you get this tommorow? or now. strange time differences.

1/04/2007 10:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Clair said...

Well, I hardly know you :) all I know is where you study :) The blogosphere is one huge place though. Who knows? I might have actually bumped into you somewhere :D

1/10/2007 01:35:00 AM  

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