Me, myself, and I hate being called that [crossposted]

My name. I am rambling and ranting about my name. I am an angry tiger. Hear me roar. *roar*

A. /ghee-an/ ~ /jee-an/
I don't really mind my name being pronounced either way, but I hate it that people have to ask and debate, "Ano ba talaga? 'jee-an' o 'gee-an'?" Can't people just leave the topic alone? Or if they really want to know, can't they use their common sense?? Come on. Would my parents really give me a girl's name?

B. "Gian Dapul"
Not that I hate my surname or anything, but I noticed that when people who don't really know me refer to me, they attach my surname. Some people would say that this is to distinguish me from other Gians, or this is a sign of respect, but then they have other common names with no surname, or other respectable people with no surname. It's like calling me informally has a certain stigma attached to it. Fuck you all. Am I that unapproachable, undesirable and unwanted that you can't bring yourself to call me by the four-letter name I identify myself with?

C. Dapple
This is another of my proofs to my theory that Americans speak funny, besides "Ay-rack" and "Nu-kyu-lar", is the fact that VERY FEW of them can't pronounce, say, or even spell our surname right. It's DAPUL. Okay?! DA-PUL. /da'-pool-/. Accent on the "Da," and then go light on the "pul." Do NOT say it quickly. Do NOT change the intonation. Do NOT say "Dapple" or "De Paul." Fucking righteous assholes.

D. ZOMG iT bGinZ wD a KAY tHaTZZ zO qROngZZz!!!11shift
Fuck all the teachers, government officials, spell checkers, document writers, and transcript records who think they know my name so much fucking better than I do that they change the 'K' in Karlo to a motherfucking 'C'. Putang ina kayong mga nagmamarunong pa sa akin! Mamatay sana kayo na mali-mali nakasulat na pangalan sa mga puntod niyo!! #w#


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