Been a long time since I actually updated, ano? The stress and lack of sleep isn't and hasn't really been helping these past few days. And it doesn't help either that no one actually reads this blog anymore, not really. I've been checking the counter every few days, and there's not much growth or change... I dunno. Nawala na ata yung blogging thing ko. I'm not as happy blogging as I used to... I need validation, I guess. But I'm not deleting this blog anytime soon. "Soon" being very relative. I'll just stuff out the same way that I blow my nose on a used and reused piece of tissue.

This week was the hell week before YMSAT week. As I think John B. put it, "...all the fires on Earth." I'm sick right now; slightly feverish and dizzy half of the time. The headaches I've been having; they hurt the way your head would hurt after someone hit you over the head with a Bio book. Aray. It's a dull sort of pain that spikes when I get up from lying down or lie down after being up. Grar. It also hurts when I get eyestrain, so I'm actually typing with the keyboard on my lap and me facing to my right. Nasanay na 'ko sa MacBook ni Kate where I type on my lap. Waheheh. But the worst part of getting sick is - I can't smell. My nose is inconveniently clogged up half of the time, and the other half it's inconveniently dripping. Eew. But I can't smell - smell people, smell food, smell the beautiful smells I love to smell - like the smell of air-conditioning or a familiar room or of chocolate. :~[ People can't understand me half of the time when I talk, and I feel like my nose is about to fall off from the bridge down. I can't breathe properly, either - I've been having a fucking bad cough even before the cold, and I can't inhale without going into a painful fit of coughing. Shit... ayoko na ng ganito... *cough*

*advert: Play "Pisay! (The Trials Of Dora)" this YMSAT week! Bio exhibit 9, Group 1, II-Camia - found right outside the front door to Rm 109, nearest to the Bio Faculty! Wala lang... good reviews for us mean good grades."

That reminds me. Sinama nga pala ako sa Bio Intersection thingy with Gero and Mae. Cool. Wish me good luck, dammit. At least naman tumaas Bio grade ko to 1.50. I really hope I can jack it up to a 1.25 this quarter. Wish me good luck talaga.

I want a Kevin waffle now. Spread the warm waffle love.


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