These days

...are better than last year's. Evidently. Seen me smiling lately? Yeah. I enjoyed this Christmas more than last year's. A horrible one, last year's was.

The not-a-nightmare before Christmas party

The Christmas Party was alright; in fact, it was good - Quintin and the council pulled it off quite nicely. That's my opinion. The night didn't exactly have the air of Christmas, but who cares - it was an enjoyable party. Good food, cute games (damn Jasmin :D joke), and cool costumes. The lights and glowsticks helped a lot too - I'm thinking that's the sort of thing they should've done during the Soph Night. But maybe I'm just saying all this happy shit because I went for a Frappucino before the event. Onga pala, binigay ko yung sticker ko to the person behind me - and now some Miriam HS girl thinks I'm her stalker or something. Eep. >.<

The only disheartening thing about the party was that there were people who didn't enjoy the party as much as I did. It made me guilty to see that while others were smiling others were sulking or silently crying in a corner. Maybe that's how people feel about me when I'm sad. I only wish I could've done something to help them.

Paskorito, Pasko roon, Paskung saan-saan

Got home at around 11, then I remembered na meron pa palang outreach the following day. Oops. So woke up early (wahah) the next day and headed for school, where a lot of people were panicking to finish requirements. Hahah. Tapos nagsimula yung outreach - our duty was to make the Christmas of 300-odd(?) children a little better. Kaya una we (the SA) were put through the humiliation of exercising in front of the kids. Fun enough - go Mike! Go Ma'am Samala! :D

Then we were made to supervise the outreach activities - it was like a human zoo upstairs, with the caretakers running around to keep their wards from running into walls or other people. Chaotic, but everything went fairly smoothly (No, Room 113! 113!! You, where's your ward?! P-11! No, 11!! AAAAArrrghH! >u<). At the same time, nag-cram kami (me and Andrew) ng Pinoy portfolio, along with hundreds of other dyads under Ma'am Aguila.

In the afternoon, I had to go to the Paskorus competition and do backstage stuff with Neon. There, I finished off our Pinoy portfolio. Honestly, I have no idea kung bakit 'di kami nakapasok sa finals. No offense meant for anyone, but I still believe and insist we were waaaaaay better than those in our category. They couldn't even harmonize properly half of the time. Anyway, I'm kinda thankful. We didn't have to cram or practice or stress over anything. By the way, Diamond kicked all the other section's @$$3$ (again, no offense meant). Galing nga nila eh - they really were awesome, but I thought Dahlia would beat them out. Wrong. Hahah. The only other time that's happened - a 1st year section beating out 2nd year sections - was last year, Opal '09. :D

Left immediately after the Category II, and looked for Anna. We had planned a Starbucks date with Carlo for that day. Before we left though, we met Kuya Jowi, whom I gave a big hug. Hahah. Wala lang. Smuggled Anna out of Pisay and went off to Claret, where I got Carlo. Hahah. So I went on a date with two of the best people in the world in the Rustan's Starbucks along Katipunan. While fireworks were being regarded with wonder at Pisay, there were fireworks occurring where we were. Explosions and bright sparkles, fizzes and loud pops, cracks, and special effects - beautifully explosive.


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