Happy but inadequate

That's what the so-called Family Camp was. Inadequate. It didn't have the feel of a camp/retreat, and it didn't have the atmosphere of an Asian celebration. Maybe the two should have been kept apart.

Although, me and Tatay got a bit closer. Then we went for Starbucks after. Which is always a good way to get me to love someone more. :D Usually, me and Nanay lang gumagawa ng ganoon na "date"... Hahah.

Onga pala,
Yey! Sa wakas, may napanalunan din! XD

The script/flow was basically a jumble of our ideas put together, one walkout two or three days before... And we just jumbled everything up. Hahah. My greatest fear was that our costumes and props would be considered as crap - jap paper and crepe paper and cartolina and cloth and tape. Thank goodness for make-up artists and music. Pero astig. May judge daw na kinilabutan right before we presented. Kewl.
...sana 'di na tayo mag-away.

Hottest concubine ever: Andrew Fajardo! :D
Best fish-da: Anna Magcalas!
Future Animated Film Dubber: DR Gaerlan!
My favorite DJ/club mixer: Kate "Usagi-chan" Loyola! XD


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