Poem Post 7: Cry for attention [spontaneous] (crossposted)

song of a million words spiraling down into oblivion of great cataclysmic purpose away amiss from what is right from the melody of the song i cannot hear cannot think cannot see cannot seem to know what is right i cannot see anymore the light like i ever did kill me push me away from this place i dont belong i dont belong i never did and never will and shall forever be me dead and desperate notice me look at me tell me that i matter tell me that im still here and that i matter that i still have something left look at me and dont turn away you sick fuckers look at me for once and tell me what you see and who i am forevermore i shall be known as nothing as the evil of peoples lives as the everything that is nothing fine then turn away and listen to the sound of me screaming and shouting the song of a million words


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