The Lights Never Went Out

Went to Pisay for Sono alone, even with a sore throat, collapsing chest, and sunburn. When I got there Freaky Fair Day hadn't ended yet, but not too many people were there - probably just hanging around for the concert. The jailers were parading people around the oval with black flags. Then biglang Ate Egg ordered some '07 sections to "Fire!" It was like I had just walked into a war - water balloons were flying and water guns were pumping people into a wet oblivion. I made myself unnoticed in a small food stall and didn't get the least bit wet. Biglang nagsiputukan yung supposed fireworks display. It was cute, but I don't think what '07 paid for it was worth it. Then nagpalabas na sila for Sonoluminescence.

Lumabas ako, trying to see if there was any friendly face who was going. Noong una, hindi eh. Then I saw Quintin (hug) and PattiCor. Yay! May nakasama na rin ako. They were waiting to get in then. But before we went in I saw a dinner setting sa may first floor ng SHB. Yeah. Sa loob. Sabi ni Quintin it's because of Elimidate and the Fair Pair. Apparently doon mangyayari yung mga date.

Then more people came, like Trish and Kevin and Jio and Mike and Frances... basta, medyo marami. Then si Jio and Trish pala were one of the couples. Poor Kevin. So we waited a bit... Tapos si Frances Peralta was there... Apparently papatayin na niya si Jio for the Assassination thing. So we plotted and plotted and plotted... Jio ended up dead. Di namin pinansin. Kawawa naman siya. :(

So we were going in, tapos biglang sabi ni Patti: "OMG... Quintin, nawawala wallet kooo..." They were gonna buy fud kasi. Yeah, fud. So we searched a bit, pero di namin talaga mahanap. So we just told Patti that we'd help pay na lang. And I ended up getting dinner with them. Yum.

Kumain kami while listening to Paramita... they were gooood... Nagkuwento pa si Patti about their songs and stuff... Ang nakakaawliw talaga sa kanila was the fact na yung drummer nila yung vocalist nila - na babae. Cool. Doon lang ako nakakita ng ganun. Then followed Up Dharma Down, Giniling Festival (dodo! xD), Radioactive Sago... actually, yun lang yung mga bands na napakinggan ko... We went out kasi after that... and di na 'ko nakapasok uli... I wasn't able to hear Urbandub (I'll get Embrace soon) or the BOTB champ... (I don't even know their name) pero the concert was okay. Not good or anything, just okay. The lights never really went out, literally and figuratively; in fact I was illuminated to a whole lot more.


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