the best retreatment. :D

"Oh, I love you more today than yesterday
But not as much as tomorrow
I love you more today than yesterday
But, darling, not as much as tomorrow"

The retreat was awesome. I'm usually not an "oh we did this and this and that" kind of person, but it can't be helped since the experience was good.

So once we had arrived at the retreat center by van, we got adjusted to the cooler-and cleaner-than-Manila air and got adjusted. We were told not to bring food into the rooms, but we did anyway. c:{ "*" people were making twinkly gestures, ":" people were raising their fists, that sort of thing. Then we (the batch council) had them play the warped "Bring me" game. We'd stop at the adjective and have them bring people who thought would fit. Then we judged them. XD

"Bring us the person with the largest... pimple."
"Bring us the person with the longest... breath."
"Bring us the person with the highest... singing voice."

And then I got cheesy and had them get the ones with the biggest.. heart. Aww. XD And then I got everyone to hug! Yay. Hugs all around. :3 Then we went to our rooms and slept with the memories of that evening.

Yeah, right.

I slept for exactly half a minute, I swear. The rest of the night me and my roommates (DR, Maceren, RD, Cabbie, Jan, Gero, Ricky, Echi, Luigi - you can see how the room was named :P) were just talking, from the stupendously scandalous. Forearms, lol. Then we played cards and stuff.
I think Caballa got drunk on fermented apple juice or something. Then later on, as we lay down (and I was being hugged in bed X3), we talked about inane stuff. Like how "Ren and Stimpy" was made by some sick bastard. Or how the hell can "heart" be an element. (We're the Planeteers!) Or how AK-47s are the awesomest guns ever. Yeah.

The next day, I didn't attend the retreat.


Yeah, I left around 9 to go to my Lolo's burial in nearby Batangas.

Nerio Dapul
+ Requiescat in pace +

It was... sad, to say the least. And it was only then that I ever felt real loss.

The only time I ever really thought about losing the people I love. Forever. My Lolo was never close to me, and I was never close to him, but the sad part is there will always be a great gap somewhere in my life that he filled. "Let's go visit _ and Lola."

Returning to the retreat house, I felt out of place - they had just undergone some emotional experience of a different sort. But I brushed it off after receiving Confession, which, for me, is comparative to taking a bath after a month. And our next batch activity made me happy again. Human bingo. It was a really nice experience, albeit a sheepish one, because quite a few people asked me to sign "Ex-crush." x.x

Afterwards, the Palanca-cum-candle-lighting began. I had cheese spouting out of my mouth in prayer. I can't believe all the teachers and parents liked that. -_-; Anyway, I got my Palancas, and they were all so awesome. I got some from people I'd never even expected (I also didn't get any from some people I wanted to get Palancas from, but oh well, they mostly shine anyway XD). The one from my parents was... unexpectedly positive. :]

Later on in the night, we
slept with the memories of that evening.

No, seriously, we were tired like shit. XD

The next morning, the last day of the retreat, we woke up and had our batch prayer. The singing put me in an emotionally pumped mood, as well as in the mass afterwards. Where I recieved Communion again (achievement!). We left after hurriedly packing (I left my microbe. :c Actually, they left it, but it was because... nvm, Gero might kill me XD), took batch pictures, and we went home.

All in all, it was a damn awesome experience that I don't ever want to repeat ever again.

Coz I want it better next time. :D


Haberday RC :D May multo sa retreat XDD Sana'y mapalad ang iyong palad at mabuti ang iyong mga buto :3


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It was a really nice experience, albeit a sheepish one, because quite a few people asked me to sign "Ex-crush." x.x"

Told you it had happened:P

Thanks, kuya. I'm sure may multo. ^^ see you er.. later. yeeeeah.

And wala lang. aliw yung word verification below.. "ypiwwss" parang ipisxD

10/08/2007 05:50:00 AM  

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