Calling off uncalled for

Right now, about 25 million students from the elementary, high school, and college levels are dancing in celebration because of the cancellation of classes.

Fuck them.

Mr. or Ms. average person has no idea how hard it is for us, Philippine Science High School students, to cope with a scheduled, routine school life that forces us to go through tiring days and sleepless nights. And this average person has no idea how even more difficult it is to cope with an erratic, unplanned school life that expects us to do the damned exact same things, as if everything was peachy.

And it's hard to keep your cool, even in this cold cold season, when your school administration gives you bullshit - TOTAL AND UTTER BULLSHIT - about the "safety" and "welfare" of the students, when in fact their real intentions are to keep their fucking second-rate jobs. Wala kaming magawa, wala kaming magawa, wala kaming magawa, wala kaming magawa - of course, may ginagawa nga ba kayo?!

It's hard to keep your cool when you share a government department with an weather association that forecasts weather when it's already happened. When they call off classes within half an hour of rains disappearing altogether. When they call off classes because the storm will "intensify."

I may be unreasonably biased, angry, or frustrate right now, but it's not like the administration is any more reasonable. :|

Who's complaining? I am.


Paki-pass sa ibang Cesium na we may have a practice tomorrow sa Timog if PAGASA fucked up again. Magkakaroon din tayo ng run-through in the morning on Friday. Sets will also be prepared in the morning - Rb, wala kayong karapatan mag-complain, you're not performing until 10.


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