As deep as a 2-foot wading pool.

Yeah, 2 feet deep. Duh.

I've noticed that most of me has become highly, increasingly, and extremely shallow. No depth, no poignancy, no mysticism whatsoever. But then, I've never been so fucking happy my entire life. (And yeah, I swear all the time.) What to do, what to do, what to feel.

I love being happy. On the other hand,
I can't write or think as deep. On the other hand,
I enjoy school and my class and friends more. On the other hand,
I don't self-reflect as often. On the other hand,
I'm perfectly fine where I am. On the other hand,

Ah, dammit, never mind. I'm not the least bit Jewish. Tradishuuun.

And who cares, it's not like anyone's reading this anymore with the wish to read it in mind. People just read it because they clicked on the link from some other blog. Like somebody I know said, "Do it for the heck of it."

I love Blogger autosaves.


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